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Artist name Jean-François Fabre (Jeff Fabre)
Mother country France
Notes Along with WHDLoad author Bert Jahn, Jeff Fabre is one of the pioneering geniuses of OS friendly HD installation & fixing of Amiga games. In 1995 he released JST (JOTD HD Startup) into the public domain, which allowed the end-user to HD install commercially-sold Amiga games on disk (DOS/NDOS) and use small, game-specific loaders to run them on a multitude of Amiga set-ups/configurations using their own degrader/HD/DOS code.

Mainstream development of JST and its game installers was discontinued in 2001 when Jeff Fabre joined the WHDLoad team, although a maintenance release (JST V5.0.x) was issued on his website in 2015/16 after several years of inactivity. More info. about the development of JST (and the many HD installers that use it for some of the Amiga's most popular games) can be found at the legacy website below:
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1997Axe To GrindIslona [Epic Marketing]
Street RacerAGA AmigaCD
1997Vivid ImageAcid (Guildhall)
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