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Artist name Andreas Tadic (Megaman/Phenomena)
Mother country Sweden
Notes Andreas Tadic began as a Swedish scene coder in the 1980s and was involved in Amiga productions for Crack Force Five (CFF), Extreme Command, Triangle, and Phenomena (PHA) before breaking into commmercial games development for Team 17 in the early 90s. He designed and coded some of the Amiga's most popular games with Team 17 including the ALIEN BREED series and SUPERFROG. Currently, Tadic works as CEO/lead coder for CustomRed Software Studios AB.
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Alien BreedECS OCS
1991Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesAGA 1993Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesCD32 1994Team 17
Alien Breed Special Edition 92ECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAGA ECS
1994Team 17Team 17
Full ContactECS OCS
1991Team 7Team 17
Miami ChaseECS OCS
1990Team 7Codemasters / Code Masters
Project-XECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Project-X (Revised Edition)ECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
SuperfrogECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
SuperfrogAmigaCD CD32
1999Team 17Islona [Epic Marketing]
SuperfrogCD32 1994Team 17Team 17
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