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publisher information
Publisher name Psytronik
Long name Psytronik Software
Birth year 1993
Website http://www.psytronik.net/
Addresses Email: kenz@binaryzone.org
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Specialist retrogaming publisher run by enthusiast Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie since 1993 for 8- and 16-bit computer platforms (Spectrum, C64, C16/+4, VIC-20, Amstrad, Amiga) as well as the modern day PC (Windows). However, their expansion to 16-bit platforms only came in 2018 after many years of growing the company when they became a co-publisher of the cult 8-bit arcade adventure STARQUAKE for the Amiga platform.
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artist information
Artist name Ian Ford (H0ffman/Focus Design, Dreamfish/DCS^TRSI, Hydlide)
Birth date 1977-06-01
Website http://hoffman.home.blog/
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Music DJ/composer, coder and prolific scene musician since the 1980s/90s on the Amiga and C64. More recently, H0ffman coded freeware DJ software package PT-1210 with sound industry colleague Akira, which turns the humble Amiga into a fully working DJ player with pitch, cue and loop controls.

More info. about Ian Ford (H0ffman) and his scene productions is available in a 2001 interview HERE. [Source: Amiga Music Preservation (AMP)]
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