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Publisher name ECP
Long name Entertainment & Computer Products Pty. Ltd.
Year of death 1990
Addresses Entertainment & Computer Products Pty. Ltd.,
4/18 Lawrence Drive,
Gold Coast 4211,
Australia [last known address]
Mother country Australia
Notes Australian publisher & distributor of budget re-releases and original games in Australasia. On 1 Apr 1990 their name officially changed to Electronic Arts Entertainment Pty Ltd. after being bought out by Electronic Arts USA [Source: Australian Commodore and Amiga Review 7(5), p 3. (May 1990)].
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688 Attack SubECS OCS
1990Electronic Arts
ArcticfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Bard's Tale II, The: The Destiny KnightOCS 1988InterplayElectronic Arts
Bard's Tale, The: Tales Of The UnknownOCS 1987InterplayElectronic Arts
BattleshipsOCS 1987Elite
Beyond The Ice PalaceOCS 1988EliteElite
Budokan: The Martial SpiritECS OCS
1990Electronic ArtsDRO Soft
Electronic Arts
Chessmaster 2000, TheOCS 1986Electronic Arts
Software Toolworks, The
Demon's WinterOCS 1989NovotradeSSI
Dragons Of FlameOCS 1989U.S. GoldSSI
U.S. Gold
Dungeon Masters Assistant: Volume I - EncountersOCS 1989SSI
Dungeon Masters Assistant: Volume II - Characters & TreasuresOCS 1989SSI
F/A-18 InterceptorOCS 1988IntellisoftC.T.O.
DRO Soft
Electronic Arts
Ferrari Formula One: Grand Prix Racing SimulationOCS 1988Electronic Arts
FusionOCS 1988BullfrogElectronic Arts
Grand Prix (Martech)OCS 1988Martech [Software Communications]
Heroes Of The LanceOCS 1988U.S. GoldSSI
U.S. Gold
HillsfarOCS 1989WestwoodSSI
U.S. Gold
Ikari WarriorsOCS 1988Microwish / Micro WishElite
Keef The Thief: A Boy And His LockpickOCS 1989Electronic Arts
Marble MadnessOCS 1986Electronic ArtsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Nigel Mansell's Grand PrixOCS 1988Martech [Software Communications]
Overrun!ECS OCS
PhantasieOCS 1987AndromedaSSI
Phantasie III: The Wrath Of NikademusOCS 1987WestwoodSSI
Pool Of RadianceECS OCS
1990Ubi SoftSSI
U.S. Gold
PopulousOCS 1989BullfrogElectronic Arts
Red LightningOCS 1989SSISSI
Roadwar 2000OCS 1987WestwoodSSI
Roadwar EuropaOCS 1987WestwoodSSI
Skyfox II: The Cygnus ConflictOCS 1988DynamixElectronic Arts
StarflightOCS 1989MicroMagicElectronic Arts
Storm Across EuropeECS OCS
Sword Of AragonECS OCS
Swords Of TwilightOCS 1989Free FallElectronic Arts
Typhoon Of SteelECS OCS
U.S. Gold
Wargame Construction SetOCS 1987ArcadiaSSI
World Tour GolfOCS 1988TanagerElectronic Arts
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