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publisher information
Publisher name EDOS [Software on Demand]
Long name Electronic Distribution Of Software (EDOS) [Software on Demand]
Birth year 1991
Year of death 1994
Addresses Software on Demand Ltd,
Unit 1, Rosevale Business Park,
Staffordshire ST5 7QT,
United Kingdom
[last known address]
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes EDOS was a form of legal electronic software distribution introduced in the UK in 1991. The basic premise was to enable games retailers to reap greater profits by stocking a wider range of games without taking up precious shelf space.

Original master copies of games were supplied to retailers on encrypted CDs, and copied to blank disks or tapes on demand for buyers (like PD) using a custom 386SX PC in-store. Games were available for a wide range of 8- and 16-bit formats [Amiga, Atari ST, PC, Amstrad CPC (tape/disk), Spectrum (tape), C64/128 (tape/disk), MSX], and supplied to customers on generic media in multi-format labelled game boxes.

EDOS closed down its operation in mid-1994 after major UK computer chain retailer John Menzies withdrew its support and the number of independent stores involved had significantly dropped.
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BMX SimulatorOCS 1988Codemasters / Code Masters
Bomb JackOCS 1988Paradox (Eidersoft)Elite
Eddie Edwards SuperSkiOCS 1988Loriciels
EliminatorOCS 1988LinelHewson
Medalist (MicroProse)
Final AssaultOCS 1988Epyx
U.S. Gold
Grand Prix (Martech)OCS 1988Martech [Software Communications]
Mad ShowOCS 1988SilmarilsLoriciels
Nigel Mansell's Grand PrixOCS 1988Martech [Software Communications]
Road WarsOCS 1988Binary DesignArcadia (Mastertronic)
DRO Soft
Melbourne House
RoadwarsOCS 1988Binary DesignArcadia (Mastertronic)
DRO Soft
Melbourne House
SuperSkiOCS 1988Loriciels
SuperSki ChallengeOCS 1988Loriciels
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