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publisher information
Publisher name Domark
Long name Domark Ltd
Birth year 1984
Year of death 1995
Website http://www.eidosinteractive.com/
Addresses Eidos Interactive UK,
Wimbledon Bridge House,
1 Hartfield Road,
London SW19 3RU,
[current address]


Domark Ltd,
Ferry House, Lacy Road,
London, SW15 1PR,
United Kingdom
[old address]
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Established in 1984 by account managers Dominic Wheatley and Mark Strachan, whose given names derived the company name. The two worked in an advertising agency, where computers attracted their attention when they hatched a plan to attract a new corporate client- it was Commodore. They approached Commodore with the idea of bundling an adventure game with each of their computers, with the game having the added attraction of a £25,000 prize for the first person to solve the game. Presumably Commodore declined the offer, but Wheatley and Strachan forged ahead regardless. Domark solicited the services of fantasy author Ian Livingstone and released their first game in 1984- a text adventure for the C64 and Spectrum called EUREKA!. A £25,000 prize was offered to anyone who could solve the adventure before the end of 1985. The promotion proved successful and the prize was won by UK teenager Matthew Woodley.

Domark made the most of their small yet enterprising beginnings and published games for the next decade on all the major 8- and 16-bit formats. In 1995, Eidos Interactive was formed when Eidos plc acquired Domark, Simis and Big Red Software as a means to launch itself into the entertainment software market. In 1996, with the success of the Sony PlayStation imminent, Eidos plc acquired CentreGold plc (which included US Gold, Core Design and Centresoft). Despite massive growth in the late 90s, Eidos Interactive admitted in March 2005 that its cash reserves had dwindled to £11.9m during the second half of 2004 and pre-tax losses had grown to £29m. That same month, Eidos received a takeover bid from British games manufacturer SCi Entertainment. The takeover was finalised on 16 May 2005. Since the SCi takeover, the vast majority of the old Eidos management have been forced out.
Also known as Eidos
Sub companies Tengen (Atari)
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All Points BulletinECS OCS
1990Walking CirclesDomark
Tengen (Atari)
1990Walking CirclesDomark
Tengen (Atari)
1990Teque LondonDomark
Tengen (Atari)
CyberballECS OCS
Tengen (Atari)
Dragon SpiritOCS 1989ConsultDomark
Tengen (Atari)
Empire Strikes Back, TheOCS 1988Vektor GrafixDomark
Escape From The Planet Of The Robot MonstersECS OCS
Tengen (Atari)
European Football ChampECS OCS
1992Teque LondonDomark
Hard Drivin'ECS OCS
Tengen (Atari)
1991ICE SoftwareDomark
Tengen (Atari)
Tengen (Atari)
Pit-FighterECS OCS
1991Teque LondonAccolade
Tengen (Atari)
Race Drivin'ECS OCS
1992Walking CirclesDomark
Tengen (Atari)
RampartECS OCS
1992Kremlin, The (Domark)Domark
Return Of The JediOCS 1988Consult ComputersDomark
S.T.U.N. RunnerECS OCS
1990Kremlin, The (Domark)Domark
Tengen (Atari)
Skull & CrossbonesECS OCS
1991Walking CirclesDomark
Tengen (Atari)
Star WarsOCS 1988Brøderbund
Star Wars: Die Rückkehr Der Jedi-RitterOCS 1988Consult ComputersDomark
Star Wars: Return Of The JediOCS 1988Consult ComputersDomark
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackOCS 1988Vektor GrafixDomark
Super Space Invader
Alternate gamename
1991Kremlin, The (Domark)Domark
Super Space InvadersECS OCS
1991Kremlin, The (Domark)Domark
Thunder JawsECS OCS
1991Kremlin, The (Domark)Domark
Tengen (Atari)
Toobin'OCS 1989TequeDomark
Tengen (Atari)
VindicatorsOCS 1989Consult ComputersDomark
Tengen (Atari)
XybotsOCS 1989TequeDomark
Tengen (Atari)
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