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Academy: Tau Ceti IIOCS 1988ComTecCRL
Adventure QuestOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Brian Clough's Football FortunesOCS 1987CDS [Nimrod Holdings]
Bridge Player GalacticaOCS 1989Oxford Softworks (CP Software)
Chichén ItzáECS OCS
1992Aventuras ADAventuras AD
Classic InvadersOCS 1989Supernova [Digita]
Colossal AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Computer Scrabble De LuxeOCS 1988Gang Of Five, TheLeisure Genius (Virgin Mastertronic)
CorruptionOCS 1988Magnetic ScrollsRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Diosa De Cozumel, LaECS OCS
1990Aventuras ADAventuras AD
Dungeon AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Gnome RangerOCS 1987Level 9Level 9
Gnome Ranger II: Ingrid's Back!
Alternate gamename
OCS 1989Level 9Level 9
Green Magic
OCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Guild Of Thieves, TheOCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Ingrid's Back!OCS 1989Level 9Level 9
JinxterOCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
LancelotOCS 1988Level 9Datasoft [IntelliCreations]
Mandarin (Europress Software)
Leader BoardCoin-Op - Arcadia 1988Soft ArtsArcadia (Mastertronic)
Leader BoardOCS 1986SculpturedAccess
U.S. Gold
Leader Board ''Pro Golf Simulator''OCS 1986SculpturedAccess
U.S. Gold
London School Of Bridge's Bridge Player 2150 Galactica, TheOCS 1989Oxford Softworks (CP Software)
MindfighterOCS 1988Abstract ConceptsActivision
Pawn, TheOCS 1986Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
PlanetfallOCS 1985InfocomInfocom
Space School Simulator: The AcademyOCS 1988ComTecCRL
Sporting TrianglesOCS 1989Mr. MicroCDS [Nimrod Holdings]
StarcrossOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
StargliderOCS 1987ArgonautRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Templos Sagrados, LosECS OCS
1991Aventuras ADAventuras AD
Time And Magik: The TrilogyOCS 1988Level 9Datasoft [IntelliCreations]
Mandarin (Europress Software)
Trivial Pursuit: A New BeginningOCS 1988Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Domark
Upon Westminster Bridge
OCS 1988Magnetic ScrollsRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Witness, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
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