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SkweekOCS 1989Loriciels
U.S. Gold
Slip StreamOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Soccer Manager PlusOCS 1989ReFLEX
Soccer MatchOCS 1989Impressions [Software Inspirations]
Space Day
OCS 1989 
Space HarrierOCS 1989Elite
Space Harrier: Return To The Fantasy ZoneOCS 1989Elite
Space KnightOCS 1989Euroline
Space Pilot 89OCS 1989Kingsoft
Spaceball (Rainbow Arts)OCS 1989Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Speed BuggyOCS 1989Elite
Spell Book 7 PlusOCS 1989Soft Stuff / Softstuff
SphericalOCS 1989Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Spitting ImageOCS 1989Domark
Star Wars Trilogy 1989Domark
Steve McQueen WestphaserOCS 1989Loriciel
StormtrooperOCS 1989Creation
Streiche den EindringlingOCS 1989Carraz
Stunt Car RacerOCS 1989MicroStyle (MicroProse)
Stunt Track RacerOCS 1989MicroPlay (MicroProse)
SumeraOCS 1989Kingsoft
Table Tennis SimulationOCS 1989Starbyte
TalespinOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Tennis CupOCS 1989Electronic Zoo
Terror LinerOCS 1989Wolf
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Muscle CarsOCS 1989Accolade
Things To Do With NumbersOCS 1989Soft Stuff / Softstuff
Things To Do With WordsOCS 1989Soft Stuff / Softstuff
Tim Und Struppi Auf Dem MondOCS 1989Infogrames
Tintin On The MoonOCS 1989Infogrames
Tintin Sur La LuneOCS 1989Infogrames
TitanOCS 1989Titus
Tom & JerryOCS 1989Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Tom & Jerry 2OCS 1989Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High And LowOCS 1989Innerprise
Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Topografie NederlandOCS 1989Courbois
Trained AssassinOCS 1989Digital Magic
System 4 (S4)
Triad Volume 2 1989Psygnosis
Triple XOCS 1989Axxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Tripple-XOCS 1989Axxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Trivia: The Ultimate QuestOCS 1989Shades (Grandslam)
Trois Petits Cochons S'Amusent, LesECS OCS
Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling SimulationOCS 1989Capstone (IntraCorp)
Tumbler StreetOCS 1989Vidball
Turbo Trax (Microdeal)OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Turtle Table Tennis SimulationOCS 1989Starbyte
Twilight's RansomOCS 1989Paragon
Vegas GamblerOCS 1989California Dreams [Logical Design Works]
VerknüpfeOCS 1989Carraz
VictoryOCS 1989Kingsoft
Vie et Mort des DinosauresECS OCS
VoyagerOCS 1989Ocean
VulcanOCS 1989CCS
Warlords (Markt & Technik)
Game & Mini Mag
OCS 1989Markt & Technik [MSPI]
Wayne Gretzky HockeyOCS 1989Bethesda Softworks [Media Technology]
Weird DreamsOCS 1989Medalist (MicroProse)
MicroPlay (MicroProse)
Rainbird (MicroProse)
West PhaserOCS 1989Loriciel
Where In The USA Is Carmen Sandiego?OCS 1989Brøderbund
Wibble Wobble
OCS 1989Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Wolf, The
OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
World Class Leader Board Famous Courses Of The World Vol. 2OCS 1989Access
Game & Mini Mag
OCS 1989Markt & Technik [MSPI]
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