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publisher information
Publisher name Microdeal [MichTron]
Long name Microdeal Electronic Publishing [MichTron]
Mother country United Kingdom
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Zero Gravity (EAS)OCS 1988EAS
Microdeal [MichTron]
Wolf, The
OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Turbo Trax (Microdeal)OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Time BanditOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
Tetra QuestOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
TanglewoodOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]Microdeal [MichTron]
TalespinOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
SoccerOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
Slip StreamOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
SlaygonOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
RingsideOCS 1989Golden Gate Crew (GGC) [HL-Informatik]EAS Procovision
Microdeal [MichTron]
Pool (Microdeal)OCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
Meganoid Screen Construction SetECS OCS
1990Microdeal [MichTron]
Meganoid Construction KitECS OCS
1990Microdeal [MichTron]
Major MotionOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
LeatherneckOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
Karate Kid Part II, TheOCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
Jupiter ProbeOCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
JugOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
International Soccer (Microdeal)OCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
Insanity FightOCS 1987LinelMicrodeal [MichTron]
Grail, TheOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Goldrunner II: Scenery Disk 2OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Goldrunner II: Scenery Disk 1OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Goldrunner IIOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
GoldrunnerOCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
Fright NightOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
Electronic PoolOCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
Bermuda ProjectOCS 1988GraphicfinalMicrodeal [MichTron]
Amiga SoccerOCS 1988Microdeal [MichTron]
AirballOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
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