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developer information
Developer name Silmarils
Birth year 1987
Mother country France
Notes French games software developer/publisher established in 1987 by two French brothers, Louis-Marie and Andre Rocques, Silmarils was most prolific on 8- and 16-bit platforms in the 1980s/90s before turning their attention to the PC and consoles in the middle/latter part of the 1990s. For reasons unknown, the company disappeared in 2003 with founders, the Rocques brothers, establishing a new entity in the form of Eversim S.A. the following year in 2004.
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publisher information
Publisher name Loriciels
Birth year 1983
Mother country France
Notes 'Loriciel' is a play on words with the French word 'logiciel', which means 'software' (in plural in this case). The 'Lori' bit alludes to Laurent Weill, the founder of the company.
A bit later, the plural-'s' was dropped and the company operated under 'Loriciel' henceforth.
Also known as Loriciel
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