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developer information
Developer name Data Designs
Long name Data Design InterActive / Data Design Systems
Birth year 1983
Year of death 2012
Website http://www.ddi-games.com/
Addresses Data Design Interactive,
10/11 Birmingham Street,
West Midlands, B63 3HN
Tel: +44 (0)121 504 3820
FAX: +44 (0)121 585 1231
[last known contact details]
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Historical Timeline

1984 - 1990: Data Design develops games for early platforms such as the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Atari ST.

1990 - 1993: Develops games for 1st generation consoles and handhelds, including C64, Sega Master System and Nintendo NES/Game Boy.

1994 - 1995: Develops games for 2nd generation consoles and handhelds, including the Amiga (PINKIE, X-IT), Nintendo SNES, Sega Mega Drive/Game Gear and Atari Jaguar.

1996 - 2001: Develops games for PC, kiosk platforms and Sony Playstation.

2002 - 2003: Data Design develops their Game Orientated Development System (G.O.D.S.) engine (cross-platform development system) and simultaneously produces NICKELODEON PARTY BLAST for PC, Game Cube, Xbox and PlayStation 2.

2005: Data Design releases 26 titles for the Playstation 2.

2006: Data Design becomes a Sony Playstation publisher in its own right.

2007: Data Design becomes a licensed Nintendo Wii developer/publisher and launches the Popcorn Arcade - a Nintendo Wii mid-price label that mostly realised mediocre titles for the platform - after acquiring Metro3D Europe Ltd. (Metro3D, Inc.'s European office).

2008: Data Design opens new U.S. offices in Florida.

2012: Due to insolvency, Data Design's original UK office goes out of business and closes its doors on 24 August 2012.
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publisher information
Publisher name Psygnosis
Birth year 1984
Year of death 2000
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Began its days in Liverpool, UK as a games publisher for platforms such as the Apple II, Macintosh and C64. As one of the pioneers of the Amiga games industry, Psygnosis was arguably responsible for selling more Amiga computers than any other publisher with their releases of SHADOW OF THE BEAST and LEMMINGS.

Psygnosis was acquired by Sony in 1993, which resulted in much of their attention being diverted from the Amiga to development of proprietary 3D graphics technology and CDROM games in preparation for an assault on the console and PC markets. Psygnosis' efforts would be rewarded when they were handed a major role by Sony in the launch of the PlayStation in 1995.

In 1998, Eidos purchased Psygnosis' European operations, while their U.S. operations were absorbed by Sony's own development outfit 989 Studios. The Psygnosis label was eventually abandoned by Sony in 2000.
Labels Sizzlers (Psygnosis)
Psyclapse (Psygnosis)
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