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Developer name Binary Emotions
Notes Binary Emotions was started by two brothers Ian and Andy Jolly. They were joined by friend Clive Minnican as lead programmer. Ian took care of graphics and some music, Andy took care of management and game design, Clive took care of the programming. They were later joined by Phill Butcher who helped with some game design and bug finding. Their first game The Speris Legacy was intended to eventually be done on OCS/ECS Amigas, but shrinking down the AGA version proved to be a lot of hassle and so was abandoned. The Speris Legacy came at a key time for Team 17 as they had just abandoned the then similarly styled Witchwood. Speris Legacy went onto AGA Amigas and was also put onto Amiga CD32.

The Speris Legacy despite gaining favourable reviews simply didn't do the business. Binary Emotions then released one more game, Minskies Furrballs, which was inspired by a host of Super Nintendo puzzle games. The Amiga version was released, but the subsequent delay due to publisher wrangles/problems of the PC version finished of Binary Emotions.

There is an interview with Binary Emotions in Amiga Computing US Edition no. 5 (pp 82-83)
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Minskies FurballsAGA ECS
1997Binary EmotionsGuildhall
Minskies...The AbductionAGA ECS
1997Binary EmotionsGuildhall
Premier Manager 3 DeluxeECS OCS
1996Binary EmotionsGremlin
Speris Legacy, TheAGA 1995Binary EmotionsOcean
Team 17
Speris Legacy, TheAGA AmigaCD
1996Binary EmotionsOcean
Team 17
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