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Adventure QuestOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
BallyhooOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Colossal AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Crimson CrownOCS 1986Polarware (Merit)
CutthroatsOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Deadline (Infocom)OCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!OCS 1986Pacesetter LaboratoriesMindscape
Discovery (MicroIllusions)OCS 1986ArtifactoryMicroIllusions
Dungeon AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
EnchanterOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersOCS 1986Activision
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
InfidelOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Leather Goddesses Of PhobosOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Mind Forever Voyaging, AOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
MoonmistOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Oo-ToposOCS 1986Penguin (Polarware)Polarware (Merit)
Pawn, TheOCS 1986Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Plundered HeartsOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Portal: A Computer NovelOCS 1986NexaActivision
Return To EdenOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
SeastalkerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SnowballOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
SorcererOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SpellbreakerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
StarcrossOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SuspectOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SuspendedOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Tass Times In TonetownOCS 1986InterplayActivision
TransylvaniaOCS 1986Polarware (Merit)
TrinityOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Winnie The Pooh In The Hundred Acre WoodOCS 1986DisneySierra
WishbringerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Witness, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Worm In ParadiseOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Zork I: The Great Underground EmpireOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Zork II: The Wizard Of FrobozzOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Zork III: The Dungeon MasterOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
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