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10 BASIC GamesOCS 1986Courbois 
10 Great Games 1991Ubi Soft
10 Intelligent Strategy GamesECS OCS
1993Oxford Softworks (CP Software)
10 Megahits Vol 2 1990Ubi Soft
10 Megahits Vol 3 1991 Ubi Soft
16 Bit Hit Machine   Gremlin
1987 College Football Data DiskOCS 1988Beta Software
1990 - 95's Data DiskECS OCS
1990 Amiga Pak 1989 ECP
2 Hot 2 Handle 1991 Addicted To Fun (Ocean)
2ème Sens, Le 1991Loriciel
3 Action Simulations  Questor
3 Flight Action Pack   
3 Tickets To Another World   Questor
39-45 1991 Loriciel
4 Wheel Drive 1992 Gremlin
48 Great Golf Courses Of The WorldECS OCS
 SaxMan Systems
4D Sports Driving Master Tracks IECS OCS
5th Anniversary 1991 Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
A-10 Tank Killer Extra MissionsECS OCS
A-Train & A-Train Construction Set 1993 Maxis
A320 Airbus: Edition EuropaECS OCS
1993Rainer Bopf SoftwareThalion
Thalion Simulations (Thalion)
A320 Airbus: Edition USAECS OCS
1993Rainer Bopf SoftwareThalion
Thalion Simulations (Thalion)
Acid Attack   Acid (Guildhall)
Acid Attack (CD32)CD32  Acid (Guildhall)
Action 5   
Action Amiga 1989 Gremlin
Action Masters 1992 Infogrames
Ubi Soft
Action Pack (Ocean)   Ocean
Action Pack (Rainbow Arts) 1992 Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Action Pack Vol. 1   Guildhall
Action Sport 1993Microids
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Limited Edition Collector's Set 1991 SSI
Adventure Collection 1993Starbyte
Adventurers, The 1992 Core
Adventures 1990 Tomahawk (Coktel)
Air Combat Aces 1991Ubi Soft
Air Land Sea 1992 Electronic Arts
Airport 2 ProfessionalOCS 1986Ironsoft
American DreamsECS OCS
Amiga 500 Starter Kit
Alternate gamename
 1989 Disc Company, The
Amiga Arena - Games Edition 2002 2002Amiga ArenaFun Time World
Amiga Challenge 1992 Empire [Entertainment International]
Amiga Champions 1989 Ozi Soft
Amiga Classics Trilogy 1991 MicroPlay (MicroProse)
Amiga ClassixAmigaCD 1998Epic Marketing
Islona [Epic Marketing]
Amiga Classix 2  Epic Marketing
Islona [Epic Marketing]
Amiga Classix 3 2001Darkage
e.p.i.c. interactive / Epic Interactive
Amiga Classix 4 2004Magnussoft
Amiga Format Game Pack 2   Amiga Format [Future Publishing]
Amiga Format Game Pack 3  Amiga Format [Future Publishing]
Amiga Galactic PackECS OCS
Amiga Games Collection 1992 Domark
Amiga Games Collection Volume 1, The 1992 Domark
Amiga Gold Hits 1 1988U.S. Gold
Amiga Mega Pak 1988 Ozi Soft
Amiga Pak 1988 Ozi Soft
Amiga Race PackECS OCS
 Amiga Special (media GmbH)
Amiga Spiele 1 1989 Markt & Technik [MSPI]
Amiga Sport Pack, Das 1993Amiga Special (media GmbH)
Amiga Sports Pack   
Amiga Star Collection 1991 Electronic Zoo
Amiga Stars Collection  Ozi Soft
Amiga Tri-Pak   ECP
Animation Classics Pack, The 1993 ReadySoft
Arcade Action (Silica) 1991 Silica
Arcade ClassicsAmigaCD   
Arcade Classics PlusAGA AmigaCD
1996Epic Marketing
Arcade Smash Hits 1990 Sega
Astucieux, Les 1990 Ubi Soft
Aventures Extraordinaires 1991 Ubi Soft
Award Winners 1992Empire [Entertainment International]
Award Winners Gold Edition 1994 Empire [Entertainment International]
Award Winners: Platinum Edition 1995 Empire [Entertainment International]
Battants II, Les 1991 Ubi Soft
Battants, Les 1990 Ubi Soft
Battle Field CreatorECS OCS
1994Software Society, The
Battle Isle: Scenario Disk 1 - Air-Land-SeaECS OCS
1992Blue ByteUbi Soft
Battle Team 1993Blue Byte
Beau Jolly 1994 Beau Jolly
Best Of Gremlin, The 2000 Islona [Epic Marketing]
Big 100, TheECS OCS
Big Deal, The [Compilation] 1991 Capstone (IntraCorp)
Big Four 1994 Starbyte
Big Six, The 1995 Codemasters / Code Masters
Bitmap Brothers Volume 2, The 1993 Mindscape
Blockbuster Pak   ECP
Board Genius 1991Beau Jolly
Box Vol. 1, The 1994 Magic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag)
Brainblaster 1990 Spotlight (Cinemaware)
Bumper Quad Pack, The   Again Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Capcom Collection 1991U.S. Gold
Captive Missions Disk
Unknown | Unreleased
 Antony Crowther (Ratt/W.E.M.U.S.I.C.) 
Cartoons 1990 Ubi Soft
CDS Collection, The 1999Islona [Epic Marketing]
Cecco Collection  Hewson
ChallengersOCS  Ubi Soft
Championship Challenge   Acid (Guildhall)
Channel 9 Wide World Of Sports 1989 Questor
Chart Attack 1991 Gremlin
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