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Seven Cities Of GoldOCS 1985Digital CreationsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
One On One (Electronic Arts)OCS 1985Digital CreationsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
7 Cities Of Gold
Alternate gamename
OCS 1985Digital CreationsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
One-On-OneOCS 1985Digital CreationsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
HackerOCS 1985Activision
Archon: The Light And The DarkOCS 1985Free FallAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Marble MadnessOCS 1986Electronic ArtsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Mind WalkerOCS 1986SynapseCommodore
SkyfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
OCS 1986SynapseCommodore
ArcticfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Defender Of The CrownOCS 1986Master DesignerCinemaware (Master Designer)
Master Designer
Ubi Soft
Portal: A Computer NovelOCS 1986NexaActivision
Faery Tale Adventure, TheOCS 1986David Joiner (Talin)MicroIllusions
Adventure Construction SetOCS 1986Fantasia SystemsElectronic Arts
Bad CatOCS 1987Euro Gold Starline (Softgold)
GO! (U.S. Gold)
Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
SpaceportOCS 1987reLINEAxxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
reLINE [Softgold/micro-partner]
Activision Little Computer People Discovery Kit, TheOCS 1987Activision
Space Quest: The Sarien EncounterOCS 1987SierraSierra
Sinbad And The Throne Of The FalconOCS 1987Master DesignerCinemaware (Master Designer)
Master Designer
Sinbad Und Der Thron Des FalkenOCS 1987Master DesignerCinemaware (Master Designer)
Master Designer
King's Quest: Quest For The CrownOCS 1987SierraSierra
Test DriveOCS 1987Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
DRO Soft
Electronic Arts
Ozi Soft
Pool (Mastertronic)OCS 1987Icon DesignMastertronic
Cogans RunOCS 1987Softgang
Pub PoolOCS 1987Icon DesignMastertronic
Cogons RunOCS 1987Softgang
Amiga KarateOCS 1987Paradox (Eidersoft)Eidersoft
Black Cauldron, TheOCS 1987SierraDisney
Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge LizardsOCS 1987SierraSierra
Ports Of CallOCS 1987Aegis [Oxxi]
Disc Company, The
Police Quest: In Pursuit Of The Death AngelOCS 1987SierraSierra
Gee Bee Air RallyOCS 1987Activision
Little Computer People: House-On-A-DiskOCS 1987Activision
Mini Golf PlusOCS 1988Starbyte
Return To AtlantisOCS 1988ISD (Electronic Arts)Electronic Arts
Fernandez Must DieOCS 1988Image Works (Mirrorsoft)
ATAXOCS 1988RamwareAxxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Eclipse (UK)
Who Framed Roger RabbitOCS 1988SilentBuena Vista
ZynapsOCS 1988Microwish / Micro WishHewson
TechnocopOCS 1988Gray MatterEpyx
U.S. Gold
Captain Fizz Meets The Blaster-TronsOCS 1988PDGPsyclapse (Psygnosis)
SpeedballOCS 1988Bitmap Brothers, TheImage Works (Mirrorsoft)
Spotlight (Cinemaware)
Ball Raider IIOCS 1988Incredible Trio, The (TIT)US Action
HybrisOCS 1988Cope-comDiscovery
Mission Icarus
OCS 1988PDGPsyclapse (Psygnosis)
Final AssaultOCS 1988Epyx
U.S. Gold
StarRayOCS 1988Hidden TreasuresLogotron
Barbarian: The Ultimate WarriorOCS 1988PalacePalace
LED StormOCS 1988Software CreationsCapcom
GO! (U.S. Gold)
UMS (Universal Military Simulator)OCS 1988Intergalactic DevelopmentRainbird [Telecomsoft]
EliteOCS 1988Mr. MicroFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
World Class Leader BoardOCS 1988StarBuckAccess
U.S. Gold
F/A-18 InterceptorOCS 1988IntellisoftC.T.O.
DRO Soft
Electronic Arts
Archon II: AdeptOCS 1988Free FallAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Zak McKracken And The Alien MindbendersOCS 1988LucasfilmLucasfilm
U.S. Gold
Space Quest II: Vohaul's RevengeOCS 1988SierraSierra
ThexderOCS 1988SynergisticSierra
King's Quest II: Romancing The ThroneOCS 1988SierraSierra
Elite PlusOCS 1988Mr. MicroFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
World DartsOCS 1988Zippo GamesArcadia (Mastertronic)
Impossible Mission IIOCS 1988NovotradeEpyx
U.S. Gold
OCS 1988SynergisticSierra
Skyfox II: The Cygnus ConflictOCS 1988DynamixElectronic Arts
Rocket RangerOCS 1988CinemawareCinemaware
Ubi Soft
World Tour GolfOCS 1988TanagerElectronic Arts
Computer Scrabble De LuxeOCS 1988Gang Of Five, TheLeisure Genius (Virgin Mastertronic)
Alien SyndromeOCS 1988SoftekACE (Edge, The/Softek)
SilkwormOCS 1989Random AccessVirgin
Hollywood Poker ProOCS 1989reLINEreLINE [Softgold/micro-partner]
Future Wars: Time TravellersOCS 1989DelphineERBE
U.S. Gold
Maniac MansionOCS 1989LucasfilmLucasfilm
Kelly XOCS 1989Virgin
Gunship: 21st Century Warrior ApacheOCS 1989MicroProse
Bubble BobbleOCS 1989Software CreationsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
New Zealand Story, TheOCS 1989ChoiceOcean
Altered BeastOCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Xenon 2: MegablastOCS 1989Assembly Line, TheCinemaware
Image Works (Mirrorsoft)
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureOCS 1989LucasfilmU.S. Gold
Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places)OCS 1989SierraSierra
Laser SquadOCS 1989Blade (Teque)Blade
Future Wars: Adventures In TimeOCS 1989DelphineERBE
U.S. Gold
Rainbow IslandsOCS 1989GraftgoldOcean
Asterix: Operation GetafixOCS 1989CoktelCoktel
Gold Rush!OCS 1989SierraSierra
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of DoomOCS 1989Level SystemsMindscape
U.S. Gold
Shadow Of The BeastOCS 1989ReflectionsPsygnosis
RiskOCS 1989Leisure Genius (Virgin Mastertronic)
RampageOCS 1989Monarch DevelopmentActivision
Asterix: Operation HinkelsteinOCS 1989CoktelCoktel
Grand Prix CircuitOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Lords Of The Rising SunOCS 1989CinemawareCinemaware
TurboOCS 1989SilentMicroIllusions
Test Drive II: The DuelOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Chaos Strikes BackOCS 1989FTL [Software Heaven]FTL [Software Heaven]
Astérix: Le Coup Du MenhirOCS 1989CoktelCoktel
DatastormOCS 1989Visionary [Media Technology]
Lost Dutchman MineOCS 1989Innerprise
Magnetic Images
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Muscle CarsOCS 1989Accolade
ShinobiOCS 1989Binary DesignSega
Virgin Mastertronic
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