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501 - 600 / 5691
WishbringerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Mind WalkerOCS 1986SynapseCommodore
Deep SpaceOCS 1986Psygnosis
Space Station: Part IOCS 1986Paradox (Eidersoft)Paradox (Eidersoft)
Prism Leisure
Triclops InvasionOCS 1986GeodesicGeodesic
Introducing MapsOCS 1986MicroEd
TransylvaniaOCS 1986Polarware (Merit)
Chessmaster 2000, TheOCS 1986Electronic Arts
Software Toolworks, The
Colossal AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
EnchanterOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Speller BeeOCS 1986First ByteFirst Byte
Championship Golf: The Great Courses Of The World Volume 1 - Pebble BeachOCS 1986InterplayGamestar (Activision)
Witness, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
OCS 1986SynapseCommodore
SuspectOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
War Zone (Paradox)OCS 1986Paradox (Eidersoft)Paradox (Eidersoft)
Prism Leisure
SkyfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
GBA Championship Basketball: Two On TwoOCS 1986DynamixC.T.O.
Gamestar (Activision)
OgreOCS 1986MicroMagicMicroProse
Pawn, TheOCS 1986Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Leader BoardOCS 1986SculpturedAccess
U.S. Gold
Halley Project, The: A Mission In Our Solar SystemOCS 1986Tom Snyder ProductionsMindscape
Dungeon AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Oo-ToposOCS 1986Penguin (Polarware)Polarware (Merit)
Match-ItOCS 1986Other Guys
SeastalkerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
G.F.L. Championship GolfOCS 1986InterplayGamestar (Activision)
SuspendedOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Ultima III: ExodusOCS 1986OriginOrigin
Protector (Paradox)OCS 1986Paradox (Eidersoft)Paradox (Eidersoft)
Prism Leisure
Deadline (Infocom)OCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Rogue: The Adventure GameOCS 1986AI DesignEpyx
Leader Board ''Pro Golf Simulator''OCS 1986SculpturedAccess
U.S. Gold
Rommel At GazalaOCS 1986Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
SnowballOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
ArcticfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Magic BagOCS 1986Michael Leesley Consulting
Mean 18OCS 1986MicrosmithsAccolade
Portal: A Computer NovelOCS 1986NexaActivision
Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game Of ChanceOCS 1986ArtworxAnco
Up ScopeCoin-Op - Custom 1986Grand Products
BallyhooOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
MasterTypeOCS 1986Action GraphicsScarborough
Chessmate V1.2OCS 1986Dark HorseDark Horse
Leader Board TournamentOCS 1986SculpturedAccess
Temple Of Apshai TrilogyOCS 1986WestwoodEpyx
SorcererOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Zork I: The Great Underground EmpireOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Donald Duck's PlaygroundOCS 1986SierraSierra
Return To EdenOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
ToltekaOCS 1987New Software StyleAriolasoft
WitchcraftOCS 1987Snake DesignIntelligent Memory
Flight Path 737OCS 1987DigigraphicAnco
Roadwar 2000OCS 1987WestwoodSSI
KidTalkOCS 1987First ByteFirst Byte
Pinball WizardOCS 1987Kingsoft
LeviathanOCS 1987English Software
Three Musketeers, TheOCS 1987Computer Novels [American Action]
HeroOCS 1987Twilight Zone 
Robot Readers: Little Red HenOCS 1987Hilton AndroidHilton Android
Grand SlamOCS 1987KineticDatabyte
Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge LizardsOCS 1987SierraSierra
Emetic SkimmerOCS 1987Hack and SlayIM-Ware
PacboyOCS 1987Digital ArtworkSoftgang
IridonOCS 1987Kingsoft
RockyOCS 1987Exodus-SoftKing Size [Robtek]
Ports Of CallOCS 1987Aegis [Oxxi]
Disc Company, The
Space RangerOCS 1987SynergisticMastertronic
DetonatorOCS 1987Creative VisionCreative Vision
Strip Poker Data Disk #3: Dominique & LindsayOCS 1987ArtworxArtworx
Graffiti ManOCS 1987reLINERainbow Arts (Softgold)
Dr. Xes: The Shrink In A BoxOCS 1987RosettaFinally Software
DominoesOCS 1987Polyglot
Powerplay: The Game Of The GodsOCS 1987ArcanaArcana
Space BattleOCS 1987Digital DreamsAnco
Sinbad Und Der Thron Des FalkenOCS 1987Master DesignerCinemaware (Master Designer)
Master Designer
HardBall!OCS 1987Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Balance Of Power: Geopolitics In The Nuclear AgeOCS 1987Mindscape
Rebel Charge At ChickamaugaOCS 1987SSISSI
Kursk Campaign: Operation ZitadelleOCS 1987Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Rocket AttackOCS 1987Softgang
All About AmericaOCS 1987Unicorn Educational Software
MouseQuestOCS 1987Intelligent MemoryMicroValue
Roadwar EuropaOCS 1987WestwoodSSI
Grid StartOCS 1987AncoAnco
BureaucracyOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Three Stooges, TheOCS 1987Incredible TechnologiesCinemaware
Robot Readers: Aesop's FablesOCS 1987Hilton AndroidHilton Android
Hunt For Red October, The (Argus Press/Grandslam)OCS 1987Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Argus Press
Datasoft [IntelliCreations]
Grandslam / Grand Slam
Software Toolworks, The
Nord And Bert Couldn't Make Head Or Tail Of ItOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Galaxy Fight: The Incredible Space FightOCS 1987SoftTouch / Soft TouchRONO
Grand Slam: World Class TennisOCS 1987KineticDatabyte
Animal KingdomOCS 1987Unicorn Educational SoftwareUnicorn Educational Software
VaderOCS 1987SoftgangAnco
Hoser BackGammon
SpaceportOCS 1987reLINEAxxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
reLINE [Softgold/micro-partner]
Brainstorm (King Size)OCS 1987CourboisKing Size [Robtek]
ChallengerOCS 1987Hack and SlayAnco
Fortress UndergroundOCS 1987Kingsoft
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