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publisher information
Publisher name ARC [Atari UK]
Addresses Slough, England, UK
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Division of Atari UK
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9 LivesECS OCS
1990FramesARC [Atari UK]
ArmadaOCS 1989Turcan ResearchARC [Atari UK]
Badlands PeteECS OCS
1990FramesARC [Atari UK]
BorodinoECS OCS
1990Turcan ResearchARC [Atari UK]
P.S.S. (Mirrorsoft)
Chronicles Of Omega, TheECS OCS
1990ARC [Atari UK]
Defender IIECS OCS
1990LlamasoftARC [Atari UK]
EnterpriseECS OCS
1990ARC [Atari UK]
GettysburgECS OCS
1990Turcan ResearchARC [Atari UK]
HellraiderOCS 1989FramesARC [Atari UK]
Photon StormECS OCS
1990LlamasoftARC [Atari UK]
PrinceOCS 1989FramesARC [Atari UK]
PyramaxECS OCS
1990ARC [Atari UK]
Star BreakerOCS 1989FramesARC [Atari UK]
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