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Publisher name Alternative [R&R]
Long name Alternative Software [R&R]
Birth year 1986
Website http://www.altware.demon.co.uk/
Addresses Alternative Software,
Unit 5 Baileygate Industrial Estate,
West Yorkshire,
WF8 2LN,

Email: sales@alternativesoftware.com
Phone: +44 (0) 01977 555222
Fax: +44 (0) 01977 555111
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes A subsidiary of software distribution company R&R, Alternative was formed by Dave Palmer (founder of Alligata) and Roger Hulley in 1986. They began as a budget house that expanded to full price titles in the late 80s. Currently, they still develop for PC and consoles, and until more recently was still selling back-catalogue titles for Amiga, CD32 and PC on their website:

Labels Again Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Admiral (Alternative)
Summit (Alternative)
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'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun!ECS OCS
1993AlternativeAlternative [R&R]
Bash Street Kids, The
 Alternative [R&R]
Bully's Sporting DartsECS OCS
1993Alternative [R&R]
Classic Arcadia & Baby ArcadiaECS OCS
1994BizarreAlternative [R&R]
Count Duckula 2: Featuring Tremendous TerenceECS OCS
1992Alternative [R&R]
Count Duckula IIECS OCS
1992Alternative [R&R]
Count Duckula In No Sax Please - We're EgyptianECS OCS
1990Enigma VariationsAlternative [R&R]
Count Duckula: No Sax Please - We're EgyptianECS OCS
1990Enigma VariationsAlternative [R&R]
Dalek AttackECS OCS
1993221bAdmiral (Alternative)
Alternative [R&R]
Death MaskAGA ECS
1995ApacheAlternative [R&R]
Death MaskCD32 1995ApacheAlternative [R&R]
Dennis & Gnasher
 Alternative [R&R]
Dinosaur Detective AgencyECS OCS
1993Maximum EffectAlternative [R&R]
Final Gate, TheCD32 1996Alternative [R&R]
Galactic Warrior RatsECS OCS
1992MikevAlternative [R&R]
Summit (Alternative)
Huckleberry Hound In Hollywood CapersECS OCS
1993QuexAlternative [R&R]
Kids Rule OK 2ECS OCS
 Alternative [R&R]
Kids Rule OK! 1997 Alternative [R&R]
Night WalkOCS 1988Alternative [R&R]
Pixie And DixieECS OCS
1993Alternative [R&R]
PlaydaysECS OCS
1992Alternative [R&R]
Playdays PaintECS OCS
1996Alternative [R&R]
Popeye 2ECS OCS
1992QuexAlternative [R&R]
Popeye 3: WrestleCrazyECS OCS
1995Alternative [R&R]
Postman PatOCS 1989Enigma VariationsAlternative [R&R]
Postman Pat 3 To The Rescue !ECS OCS
1992Alternative [R&R]
Postman Pat IIIECS OCS
1992Alternative [R&R]
Sci-Fi Collection, The 1994Alternative [R&R]
SnapperazziECS OCS
1993MentalAlternative [R&R]
Sooty & SweepECS OCS
1992PeakStarAlternative [R&R]
Sooty PaintECS OCS
1995KidComAlternative [R&R]
Sooty's Fun With NumbersECS OCS
1991Enigma VariationsAlternative [R&R]
Suburban CommandoECS OCS
1993Alternative [R&R]
Thomas The Tank EngineECS OCS
1992PeakStarAlternative [R&R]
Thomas The Tank Engine 2ECS OCS
1993PeakStarAlternative [R&R]
Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With WordsECS OCS
1990Enigma VariationsAlternative [R&R]
Thomas The Tank Engine's PinballAGA 1995SpidersoftAlternative [R&R]
Thomas The Tank Engine's PinballCD32 1995SpidersoftAlternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2ECS OCS
1996Alternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2AGA 1996Alternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2: Season '96-'97AGA 1996Alternative [R&R]
WranglerOCS 1989Magnetic FieldsAlternative [R&R]
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