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AAARGH!Coin-Op - Arcadia 1987Arcadia (Mastertronic)
Act OutOCS 1987BSG CologneDigital Image
Activision Little Computer People Discovery Kit, TheOCS 1987Activision
Adult PokerOCS 1987reLINEDiamond [Robtek]
Players [Interceptor Group]
Adventures Of Sinbad, TheOCS 1987Unicorn Educational Software
Aesop's FablesOCS 1987Unicorn Educational SoftwareUnicorn Educational Software
Age Of SailOCS 1987McLEAN SimulationsConflict Recreations
Alien Fires 2199 A.D.OCS 1987JagwareJagware
Ozi Soft
Alien StrikeOCS 1987Diamond [Robtek]
All About AmericaOCS 1987Unicorn Educational Software
AmegasOCS 1987reLINEDigiTek
Golden Games
Pandora (Players/Interceptor)
Amiga KarateOCS 1987Paradox (Eidersoft)Eidersoft
Amiga Power Pack 1987 Softgang
Animal KingdomOCS 1987Unicorn Educational SoftwareUnicorn Educational Software
Arazok's TombOCS 1987Next Frontier, TheAegis [Oxxi]
ArkanoidOCS 1987Discovery
Art Of Chess, TheOCS 1987SPA
Art Of GO, TheOCS 1987SPAAnco
Asterix And The Magic CarpetOCS 1987CoktelCoktel
Astérix Chez RahazadeOCS 1987CoktelCoktel
Asterix Im MorgenlandOCS 1987CoktelCoktel
Aussie Joker Poker: A Gambling Game Of Skill & ChanceOCS 1987JokerJoker
Backgammon (King Size)OCS 1987Exodus-SoftKing Size [Robtek]
Bad CatOCS 1987Euro Gold Starline (Softgold)
GO! (U.S. Gold)
Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Balance Of Power: Geopolitics In The Nuclear AgeOCS 1987Mindscape
Ball RaiderOCS 1987Golden Gate Crew (GGC) [HL-Informatik]Diamond [Robtek]
BarbarianOCS 1987PsygnosisPsygnosis
Bard's Tale, The: Tales Of The UnknownOCS 1987InterplayElectronic Arts
BasketBall: The Pro GameOCS 1987Lance Haffner GamesLance Haffner Games
BattleshipsOCS 1987Elite
Beyond Zork: The Coconut Of QuendorOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Big Deal, TheOCS 1987NeutronicsAriolasoft
Bingo ParlorOCS 1987Silver
BivouacOCS 1987Infogrames
Black Cauldron, TheOCS 1987SierraDisney
Black ShadowOCS 1987Zen Room (CRL)CRL
Blackjack AcademyOCS 1987WestwoodMicroIllusions
BlastaballCoin-Op - Arcadia 1987Arcadia (Mastertronic)
Bouncer (Diamond)OCS 1987Incredible TrioDiamond [Robtek]
Brainstorm (King Size)OCS 1987CourboisKing Size [Robtek]
BreachOCS 1987OmnitrendArtronic
Break!OCS 1987Amiga ArtistsDiamond [Robtek]
Brian Clough's Football FortunesOCS 1987CDS [Nimrod Holdings]
Brian Clough's Fußball ManagerOCS 1987CDS [Nimrod Holdings]
BureaucracyOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
ChallengerOCS 1987Hack and SlayAnco
Chamonix ChallengeOCS 1987Infogrames
Championship BackgammonOCS 1987Exodus-SoftKing Size [Robtek]
Championship BaseballOCS 1987DynamixGamestar (Activision)
Championship DraughtsOCS 1987King Size [Robtek]
Championship OthelloOCS 1987Exodus-SoftKing Size [Robtek]
Cijfers & LettersOCS 1987Courbois
City DefenceOCS 1987Kingsoft
Cogans RunOCS 1987Softgang
Cogons RunOCS 1987Softgang
Computer Mad LibsOCS 1987First ByteFirst Byte
Crazy CarsOCS 1987EH ProductionsTitus
Cruncher FactoryOCS 1987Anco
CubeMasterOCS 1987ASDGASDG
Decimal DungeonOCS 1987Unicorn Educational Software
Declic, LeOCS 1987 
DemolitionOCS 1987Amiga ArtistsAnco
Desert RatsOCS 1987CCS
DetonatorOCS 1987Creative VisionCreative Vision
DiabloOCS 1987Classic ImageClassic Image
Diamond [Robtek]
DominoesOCS 1987Polyglot
Dr. FruitOCS 1987Softwar ArtsAnco
Dr. Xes: The Shrink In A BoxOCS 1987RosettaFinally Software
Earl Weaver BaseballOCS 1987Mirage GraphicsElectronic Arts
Electronic PoolOCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
Emerald MineOCS 1987Kingsoft
Emetic SkimmerOCS 1987Hack and SlayIM-Ware
FeudOCS 1987Binary DesignBulldog (Mastertronic)
First Letters And WordsOCS 1987First ByteFirst Byte
Flight Path 737OCS 1987DigigraphicAnco
Flip FlopOCS 1987Anco
Fortress UndergroundOCS 1987Kingsoft
G.F.L. Championship BaseballOCS 1987DynamixGamestar (Activision)
Galactic InvasionOCS 1987SilentMicroIllusions
Galaxy Fight: The Incredible Space FightOCS 1987SoftTouch / Soft TouchRONO
GarrisonOCS 1987Digital DreamsRainbow Arts (Softgold)
Gee Bee Air RallyOCS 1987Activision
GFL Championship FootballOCS 1987DynamixGamestar (Activision)
Gnome RangerOCS 1987Level 9Level 9
Golden Pyramid, TheOCS 1987Micro Entertainment
GoldrunnerOCS 1987Microdeal [MichTron]
Graffiti ManOCS 1987reLINERainbow Arts (Softgold)
Grand SlamOCS 1987KineticDatabyte
Grand Slam: World Class TennisOCS 1987KineticDatabyte
Grid StartOCS 1987AncoAnco
Guild Of Thieves, TheOCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
HardBall!OCS 1987Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Head Coach Pro Football SimulationOCS 1987John B. SaxonMicroSearch
HeroOCS 1987Twilight Zone 
HexOCS 1987Mark Of The Unicorn
Hollywood HijinxOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Hollywood PokerOCS 1987reLINEDiamond [Robtek]
Players [Interceptor Group]
Hunt For Red October, The (Argus Press/Grandslam)OCS 1987Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Argus Press
Datasoft [IntelliCreations]
Grandslam / Grand Slam
Software Toolworks, The
Hunt For Red October: The BookOCS 1987Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Argus Press
Datasoft [IntelliCreations]
Grandslam / Grand Slam
Software Toolworks, The
Hunt For Red October: The OriginalOCS 1987Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Argus Press
Datasoft [IntelliCreations]
Grandslam / Grand Slam
Software Toolworks, The
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