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Publisher name Kixx XL (U.S. Gold)
Birth year 1992
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes U.S. Gold's high-end, budget re-release label (12.99 - 16.99 per game).

Kixx XL was launched in November 1992 to cater for more serious gamers. The XL label allowed marketing quality products at budget prices. The games retailed at a much higher price when first released. Bigger boxes allowed mightier manuals and dozens of disks and the XL label meant that comprehensive manuals did not have to be cut down to a budget box-friendly sheet.
Main company U.S. Gold
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Cadaver & Cadaver: The Pay Off 1991 Kixx XL (U.S. Gold)
Winter Gold 1993 Kixx XL (U.S. Gold)
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