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Cosmic PirateOCS 1989Zippo GamesOutlaw (Palace)
Last Inca, TheOCS 1989ZeexSoftFree Spirit
John Lowe's Ultimate DartsOCS 1989Wise OwlGremlin
War MachineOCS 1989Wise OwlSmash 16 (Players/Interceptor)
Ultimate DartsOCS 1989Wise OwlGremlin
OCS 1989Wise OwlVirgin Mastertronic
Il Rapido Di PippoOCS 1989WestwoodDisney
Nathan Software
El Tren Expreso Di GoofyOCS 1989WestwoodDisney
Nathan Software
Dingo Et Le Train ExpressOCS 1989WestwoodDisney
Nathan Software
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's InceptionOCS 1989WestwoodInfocom
HillsfarOCS 1989WestwoodSSI
U.S. Gold
Goofy Und Der Phantastische SchnellzugOCS 1989WestwoodDisney
Nathan Software
Goofy's Railway ExpressOCS 1989WestwoodDisney
Nathan Software
After Burner (Sega)OCS 1989Weebee GamesSega
After Burner II (Sega)OCS 1989Weebee GamesSega
Dragon's LairOCS 1989Visionary DesignReadySoft
XenophobeOCS 1989VisageMicroPlay (MicroProse)
MicroStyle (MicroProse)
1989Video Computer Commercials 
Dogs Of WarOCS 1989VectordeanElite
MicroLeague WrestlingOCS 1989Up Front SoftwareMicroLeague Sports Association
Read-A-RamaOCS 1989Unicorn Educational SoftwareUnicorn Educational Software
Rally Cross ChallengeOCS 1989Ultra GraphixAnco
ZombiOCS 1989Ubi SoftUbi Soft
Dragons Of FlameOCS 1989U.S. GoldSSI
U.S. Gold
Buffalo Bill's Wild West ShowOCS 1989TynesoftMicroValue
Buffalo Bill's Rodeo GamesOCS 1989TynesoftMicroValue
Superman: The Man Of SteelOCS 1989TynesoftFirst Star
Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show
Alternate gamename
OCS 1989TynesoftMicroValue
Austerlitz (P.S.S.)OCS 1989Turcan ResearchP.S.S. (Mirrorsoft)
WaterlooOCS 1989Turcan ResearchP.S.S. (Mirrorsoft)
ArmadaOCS 1989Turcan ResearchARC [Atari UK]
Chariots Of WrathOCS 1989Toxic WasteImpressions [Software Inspirations]
SkidooOCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Tomahawk (Coktel)
EmmanuelleOCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Coktel
Tomahawk (Coktel)
E.S.S.OCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Tomahawk (Coktel)
African Raiders-01OCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Tomahawk (Coktel)
Legend Of DjelOCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Tomahawk (Coktel)
European Space SimulatorOCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Tomahawk (Coktel)
Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012OCS 1989TiertexCapcom
U.S. Gold
StriderOCS 1989TiertexCapcom
U.S. Gold
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Action GameOCS 1989TiertexLucasfilm
U.S. Gold
Evil GardenOCS 1989ThunderbyteDemonware
Chambers Of ShaolinOCS 1989ThalionGrandslam / Grand Slam
Toobin'OCS 1989TequeDomark
Tengen (Atari)
XybotsOCS 1989TequeDomark
Tengen (Atari)
Chase H.Q.OCS 1989TequeOcean
Passing ShotOCS 1989TequeImage Works (Mirrorsoft)
ThunderbirdsOCS 1989TequeGrandslam / Grand Slam
Continental CircusOCS 1989TequeVirgin Mastertronic
BlasteroidsOCS 1989TequeImage Works (Mirrorsoft)
Munsters, TheOCS 1989TequeAgain Again (Tiger/Alternative)
FuggerOCS 1989TEB (The Electric Ballhaus)Bomico
RotorOCS 1989SystematicsArcana
F1 Manager (Simulmondo)OCS 1989Synergy (Italy)Simulmondo
War In Middle EarthOCS 1989SynergisticDRO Soft
Melbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Gravity ForceOCS 1989Stephan WenzlerKingsoft
PsychoOCS 1989StarSoftBox Office
Rings Of MedusaOCS 1989StarbyteStarbyte
Tie-BreakOCS 1989StarbyteStarbyte
Red LightningOCS 1989SSISSI
Stellar CrusadeOCS 1989SSISSI
Magic MarbleOCS 1989SphinxSphinx
Real GeniusOCS 1989SphinxCompuTec Verlag
Red HeatOCS 1989Special FXOcean
PredatorOCS 1989SourceActivision
Rainbow WarriorOCS 1989SourceMicroStyle (MicroProse)
Altered BeastOCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
SDI (Activision)OCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Power DriftOCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Millennium 2.2OCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Electric Dreams (Activision)
RenegadeOCS 1989Software CreationsImagine (Ocean)
Sly Spy: Secret AgentOCS 1989Software CreationsOcean
Bubble BobbleOCS 1989Software CreationsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Ghouls 'N' GhostsOCS 1989Software CreationsU.S. Gold
Mind ForceOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
SixiangOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
Turn ItOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
Tale / Talesoft
Tank BusterOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
My Funny MazeOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchTurtle Byte
Barney MouseOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
Evolution CryserOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
RafflesOCS 1989SoftekEdge, The [Softek]
Darius+OCS 1989SoftekEdge, The [Softek]
Snoopy: The Cool Computer GameOCS 1989SoftekEdge, The [Softek]
Garfield: Winter's TailOCS 1989SoftekEdge, The [Softek]
Snoopy And PeanutsOCS 1989SoftekEdge, The [Softek]
Bangkok KnightsOCS 1989Soft CultureSystem 3
Time SoldierOCS 1989Smart EggElectrocoin
PocoMan!OCS 1989Sleepless SoftwareDesigning Minds
KriegsmarineOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Northern FleetOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Malta StormOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Seventh FleetOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Main Battle Tank: Central GermanyOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Super OsWALDOCS 1989SilverRockSilverRock
Fetiche Maya, LeOCS 1989SilmarilsSilmarils
TarghanOCS 1989SilmarilsGainstar
MayaOCS 1989SilmarilsSilmarils
Manhattan DealersOCS 1989SilmarilsSilmarils
Wind Surf WillyOCS 1989SilmarilsSilmarils
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