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publisher information
Publisher name Softgold [Rushware]
Long name Softgold Computerspiele GmbH (Rushware)
Birth year 1985
Year of death 1991
Mother country Germany
Notes Formed in 1985 to publish software for distributor Rushware, who were the software division of Rush Records. Rushware was bought in 1991 and merged with Softgold to become 100% owned by Funsoft Holding GmbH.
Labels Top Shots/TopShots (Softgold)
Euro Gold Starline (Softgold)
reLINE [Softgold/micro-partner]
Euro Gold (Softgold)
Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Time Warp (Softgold/Rainbow Arts)
Main company Rushware [Rush Records]
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Erben Der Erde: Die Grosse SucheECS OCS
1995ReaLogicSoftgold [Rushware]
Erben Der Erde: Die Grosse SucheAmigaCD CD32
1995ReaLogicSoftgold [Rushware]
Erben Der Erde: Die Grosse SucheAGA 1995ReaLogicSoftgold [Rushware]
Eye Of The Beholder II: Legende Von DarkmoonECS OCS
1992WestwoodSoftgold [Rushware]
Games, Games, Games   Softgold [Rushware]
Highlights 1989Softgold [Rushware]
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureCDTV 1992LucasfilmSoftgold [Rushware]
Inherit The EarthAGA 1995ReaLogicSoftgold [Rushware]
Inherit The EarthECS OCS
1995ReaLogicSoftgold [Rushware]
Inherit The EarthAmigaCD CD32
1995ReaLogicSoftgold [Rushware]
LoomCDTV 1992LucasfilmSoftgold [Rushware]
Might And Magic III: Die Inseln Von TerraECS OCS
1992New World ComputingNew World Computing
Softgold [Rushware]
U.S. Gold
Might And Magic III: Isles Of TerraECS OCS
1992New World ComputingNew World Computing
Softgold [Rushware]
U.S. Gold
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeECS OCS
Softgold [Rushware]
U.S. Gold
Prince Of PersiaECS OCS
Softgold [Rushware]
Secret Of Monkey Island, TheECS OCS
Softgold [Rushware]
U.S. Gold
Ubi Soft
Silent Service: The Submarine SimulationOCS 1986MicroProse
Softgold [Rushware]
TurricanCDTV 1992Factor 5Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Softgold [Rushware]
Window Willy
Alternate gamename
1991reLINESoftgold [Rushware]
Window WizardECS OCS
1991reLINESoftgold [Rushware]
World Of Business  Softgold [Rushware]
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