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developer information
Developer name Team 17
Birth year 1990
Mother country United Kingdom
Also known as Team 7
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publisher information
Publisher name Team 17
Long name Team 17 Software Ltd.
Birth year 1990
Mother country United Kingdom
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Alien BreedECS OCS
1991Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed 3DAGA 1995Team 17Ocean
Team 17
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing GroundsAGA 1996Team 17Ocean
Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesAGA 1993Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed Special Edition 92ECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAGA ECS
1994Team 17Team 17
ATR: All Terrain RacingECS OCS
1995Team 17Team 17
Body Blows GalacticECS OCS
1994Team 17Team 17
Project-XECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Project-X (Revised Edition)ECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
1993Team 17Team 17
SuperfrogECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
SuperfrogCD32 1994Team 17Team 17
Ultimate Body BlowsCD32 1994Team 17Team 17
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