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Publisher name Virgin Mastertronic
Birth year 1989
Year of death 1992
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Virgin bought Mastertronic in 1988, and the following year officially became Virgin Mastertronic. Sega bought Virgin Mastertronic in 1992 and killed off the Mastertronic label. Virgin Games were renamed to Virgin Interactive after retaining some Mastertronic coders following Sega's takeover of Mastertronic.
Also known as Mastertronic
Labels 16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
16 Blitz Plus (Virgin Mastertronic)
16 Blitz Tronix (Virgin Mastertronic)
Leisure Genius (Virgin Mastertronic)
Melbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Tronix (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Loisirs (France)
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Conflict: The Middle East Political SimulatorECS OCS
1991P.S.I.16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Mastertronic
Conflict: The Middle East SimulationECS OCS
1991P.S.I.16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Mastertronic
Continental CircusOCS 1989TequeVirgin Mastertronic
Dan Dare III: The EscapeECS OCS
1990ProbeVirgin Mastertronic
Double Dragon II: The RevengeOCS 1989Binary DesignVirgin Mastertronic
1990CryoVirgin Loisirs (France)
Virgin Mastertronic
Fists Of Fury Edition 2
 1991 Virgin Mastertronic
Gemini WingOCS 1989ImagitecVirgin Mastertronic
Golden AxeECS OCS
Virgin Mastertronic
OCS 1989Wise OwlVirgin Mastertronic
Ivan ''Ironman'' Stewart's Super Off RoadECS OCS
1990GraftgoldVirgin Mastertronic
Judge DreddECS OCS
1990Random AccessVirgin Mastertronic
Magic Johnson's BasketballOCS 1989SculpturedMelbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Mastertronic
Magic Johnson's Basketball: College MVP Data DiskECS OCS
1991Melbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Mastertronic
Magic Johnson's MVPECS OCS
1990DesignStarVirgin Mastertronic
Magic MVP JohnsonECS OCS
1990DesignStarVirgin Mastertronic
Ninja Warriors, TheOCS 1989Random AccessDRO Soft
Virgin Mastertronic
Omni-Play Basketball: College League DiskECS OCS
1991Melbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Mastertronic
Overlord (Virgin Mastertronic)ECS OCS
1991ProbeVirgin Mastertronic
ShinobiOCS 1989Binary DesignSega
Virgin Mastertronic
Spirit Of ExcaliburECS OCS
1991SynergisticVirgin Mastertronic
Spirit Of ExcaliburCDTV 1991SynergisticVirgin Mastertronic
Sport Of KingsECS OCS
1990DesignStarVirgin Mastertronic
Viz: The Computer GameECS OCS
1991ProbeVirgin Mastertronic
Viz: The Soft Floppy OneECS OCS
1991ProbeVirgin Mastertronic
Wonderland: Dream The Dream...ECS OCS
1991Magnetic ScrollsVirgin Mastertronic
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