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Publisher name Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Long name Audiogenic Software Limited (ASL)
Birth year 1985
Addresses Audiogenic Software Limited (ASL),
PO Box 4004,
Essex CM24 8JZ,
United Kingdom.

Phone: +44 (0) 1279 817976
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Currently publishes games for PC only, although still sells back-catalogue games for the Amiga (and other platforms):

Additionally, they still offer support for their back-catalogue games on the Amiga (and other platforms):
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Wembley International SoccerECS OCS
1996Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Graham Gooch World Class CricketECS OCS
1993Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Wembley International SoccerAGA 1994Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Graham Gooch World Class Cricket: Test Match Special EditionECS OCS
1994Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Cricket 94/95 Data DiskECS OCS
1994Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Bubble And SqueakECS OCS
1995Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Bubble And SqueakAGA 1994Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Bubble And SqueakCD32 1994Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Wembley Rugby LeagueECS OCS
1994Denton DesignsAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
World Class Rugby '95ECS OCS
1995Denton DesignsAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Super Tennis Champs Mixed Doubles Character DiskECS OCS
1995Mental SoftwareAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Super Tennis ChampsECS OCS
1995Mental SoftwareAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Super Tennis Champs Women Character DiskECS OCS
1995Mental SoftwareAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
OdysseyECS OCS
1995Unconscious MindsAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
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