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301 - 400 / 706
Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship GolfOCS 1989SculpturedAccolade
Jack Nicklaus Presents The International Course DiskOCS 1989Accolade
Jack Nicklaus Presents The Major Championship Courses Of 1989OCS 1989SculpturedAccolade
James Clavell's ShōgunOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
Jaws: The Computer GameOCS 1989Intelligent DesignScreen 7 [Software Communications]
Jetsons, The: George Jetson And The Legend Of RobotopiaOCS 1989Dreamers Guild, TheMicroIllusions
Jigsaw! The Ultimate Electronic PuzzleOCS 1989MainstreamBritannica
ESP (UK - Essex)
Joan Of ArcOCS 1989ChipBrøderbund
GO! (U.S. Gold)
Joan Of Arc: Siege & The SwordOCS 1989ChipBrøderbund
GO! (U.S. Gold)
John Lowe's Ultimate DartsOCS 1989Wise OwlGremlin
JourneyOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
Juana De ArcoOCS 1989ChipBrøderbund
GO! (U.S. Gold)
Judo-AtemiOCS 1989 
JugOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Jungle Book, TheOCS 1989Cedic-NathanCoktel
KaiserOCS 1989LinelLinel
OCS 1989RealmsHewson
Keef The Thief: A Boy And His LockpickOCS 1989Electronic Arts
Keith Van Eron's Pro SoccerOCS 1989Electronic Pencil Company (EPC)MicroPlay (MicroProse)
Kelly XOCS 1989Virgin
Kenny Dalglish Soccer MatchOCS 1989Impressions [Software Inspirations]
Kenny Dalglish's Soccer ManagerOCS 1989Cognito (Zeppelin)
Kick OffOCS 1989Dino DiniAnco
Kick Off: Extra TimeOCS 1989Dino DiniAnco
Kinderama: Five Early Learning GamesOCS 1989Unicorn Educational Software
King's Quest III: To Heir Is HumanOCS 1989SierraSierra
Kingdoms Of EnglandOCS 1989RealismIncognito
KreuzAs PokerOCS 1989Turtle Byte
KriegsmarineOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Kristal, TheOCS 1989FissionchipAddictive (Prism Leisure)
Kult: The Temple Of Flying SaucersOCS 1989ERE (Infogrames)Exxos (ERE/Infogrames)
Labyrinthe Aux Mille Calculs, LeOCS 1989RETZ
Labyrinthe D'Orthophus, LeOCS 1989RETZ
LancasterOCS 1989Showroom DummiesActual Screenshots (CRL)
Laser SquadOCS 1989Blade (Teque)Blade
Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012OCS 1989TiertexCapcom
U.S. Gold
Last Inca, TheOCS 1989ZeexSoftFree Spirit
Legend (Actual Screenshots)OCS 1989Mundane SoftwareActual Screenshots (CRL)
Legend Of DjelOCS 1989Tomahawk (Coktel)Tomahawk (Coktel)
Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places)OCS 1989SierraSierra
Leisure Suit Larry IIOCS 1989SierraSierra
LeonardoOCS 1989Golden Gate Crew (GGC) [HL-Informatik]Starbyte
Licence To KillOCS 1989QuixelBroderbund
LightforceOCS 1989Lemmingsoft WaldowareTSA Media
Limes & NapoleonOCS 1989EAS
Little Puff In DragonlandOCS 1989ConsultCodemasters / Code Masters
Live And Let DieOCS 1989Domark
LodeRunnerOCS 1989CourboisCourbois
London School Of Bridge's Bridge Player 2150 Galactica, TheOCS 1989Oxford Softworks (CP Software)
Lords Of The Rising SunOCS 1989CinemawareCinemaware
Lost Dutchman MineOCS 1989Innerprise
Magnetic Images
Mafdet And The Book Of The DeadOCS 1989Paradox (Eidersoft)Software Horizons
Magic Johnson's BasketballOCS 1989SculpturedMelbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Virgin Mastertronic
Magic MarbleOCS 1989SphinxSphinx
Main Battle Tank: Central GermanyOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
OCS 1989Assembly Line, TheImage Works (Mirrorsoft)
Malta StormOCS 1989Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Maltese Joe's 3D Pool
OCS 1989AardvarkFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Medalist (MicroProse)
MicroPlay (MicroProse)
Manhunter: New YorkOCS 1989SierraSierra
Maniac MansionOCS 1989LucasfilmLucasfilm
ManiaxOCS 1989Anco
Match PairsOCS 1989Computer SightElectronic Arts
MaxitOCS 1989Courbois
MayaOCS 1989SilmarilsSilmarils
Mayday SquadOCS 1989Tynesoft
Mayday Squad HeroesOCS 1989Tynesoft
Mean 18 Course Disk: Classic Courses 3OCS 1989Accolade
MémoriseOCS 1989Carraz
MemorizaOCS 1989Carraz
MemorizeOCS 1989Carraz
MemorizzaOCS 1989Carraz
Memory MasterOCS 1989Courbois
MerkeOCS 1989Carraz
Metal: A Robot Combat SimulationOCS 1989RuneECP
MetropolisOCS 1989Rapid
Meurtres A VeniseOCS 1989Cobra SoftInfogrames
Miami MiceOCS 1989ECP
MicroLeague WrestlingOCS 1989Up Front SoftwareMicroLeague Sports Association
OCS 1989MaxisInfogrames
MicroProse SoccerOCS 1989Electronic Pencil Company (EPC)MicroProse
Mighty Nerd vs The SupervillainsOCS 1989ISM
Mike Read's Computer Pop QuizOCS 1989Elite
Millennium 2.2OCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Electric Dreams (Activision)
Mind ForceOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
MindbenderOCS 1989Gremlin
MindrollOCS 1989SilentEpyx
Mini Loco 1OCS 1989Courbois
Mini Loco 3ECS OCS
Mirror MagicOCS 1989Artsoft 
Monopoly (Leisure Genius)OCS 1989Leisure Genius (Virgin Mastertronic)
MoonwalkerOCS 1989Emerald SoftwareU.S. Gold
MotOCS 1989Opera
Mr. HELIOCS 1989ProbeFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Munsters, TheOCS 1989TequeAgain Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Murders In VeniceOCS 1989Cobra SoftInfogrames
My Funny MazeOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchTurtle Byte
My Paint Coloring Disk #1: AlphabetOCS 1989Prism Computer ProductsCentaur
My Paint v1.0OCS 1989Prism Computer ProductsCentaur
NarcissusOCS 1989Light Source / LightsourceDigital Magic
Navy MovesOCS 1989DinamicDinamic [Microdigital Soft]
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