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Official Honda NSR-R Simulator, TheOCS 1989DigiteamEdigamma
Navy MovesOCS 1989DinamicDinamic [Microdigital Soft]
Kick OffOCS 1989Dino DiniAnco
Kick Off: Extra TimeOCS 1989Dino DiniAnco
UltraBallOCS 1989DiscoveryDiscovery
Grand Prix CircuitOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II Scenery Disk: California ChallengeOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Cycles, The: International Grand Prix RacingOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II: The DuelOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Super CarsOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Blood MoneyOCS 1989DMAERBE
Ultima V: Warriors Of DestinyOCS 1989DMA SystemsOrigin
Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des ZauberstabsOCS 1989Dragonware (Attic)Ariolasoft
Jetsons, The: George Jetson And The Legend Of RobotopiaOCS 1989Dreamers Guild, TheMicroIllusions
Temple Of The Enlightened Souls, TheOCS 1989DynamicSoftsell
Rock 'n RollOCS 1989Dynamic VisionsRainbow Arts (Softgold)
Hotel DetectiveOCS 1989Ego SoftwareEuroline
Hound Of Shadow, TheOCS 1989Eldritch GamesElectronic Arts
Astaroth: The Angel Of DeathOCS 1989Eldritch The CatHewson
Azimodius: The Angel Of Death
OCS 1989Eldritch The CatHewson
Keith Van Eron's Pro SoccerOCS 1989Electronic Pencil Company (EPC)MicroPlay (MicroProse)
MicroProse SoccerOCS 1989Electronic Pencil Company (EPC)MicroProse
Fallen AngelOCS 1989Emerald SoftwareScreen 7 (Martech/Software Communications)
Running Man, TheOCS 1989Emerald SoftwareGrandslam / Grand Slam
MoonwalkerOCS 1989Emerald SoftwareU.S. Gold
VigilanteOCS 1989Emerald SoftwareU.S. Gold
Gilbert: Escape From DrillOCS 1989Enigma VariationsAgain Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Enigma Variations
Postman PatOCS 1989Enigma VariationsAlternative [R&R]
Purple Saturn DayOCS 1989ERE (Infogrames)Epyx
Exxos (ERE/Infogrames)
Kult: The Temple Of Flying SaucersOCS 1989ERE (Infogrames)Exxos (ERE/Infogrames)
Dark FusionOCS 1989ESPGremlin
Poker Solitaire (ETHOS)OCS 1989ETHOSETHOS
ABZooOCS 1989Excalibur Computing & LearningIndi
Wall Street Editor, DerOCS 1989Expert-SoftwareLifetimes
SkyblasterOCS 1989Expert-SoftwareDigiTek
reLINE [Softgold/micro-partner]
Wall Street Wizard: 89'er Szenario & EditorOCS 1989Expert-SoftwareLifetimes
Games, The: Winter EditionOCS 1989FACSEpyx
U.S. Gold
DenarisOCS 1989Factor 5ERBE
GO! (U.S. Gold)
HardWired (Gold Disk)
Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
R-TypeOCS 1989Factor 5Activision
Electric Dreams (Activision)
SpeedrunnerOCS 1989Fanatic TrioKunert Soft
QattroOCS 1989FinalisticSilverbyte
Rhyming Notebook, TheOCS 1989First ByteFirst Byte
Boulderdash Construction KitOCS 1989First StarWicked
Spy Vs SpyOCS 1989First StarWicked
Spy Vs Spy 2: The Island CaperOCS 1989First StarWicked
Spy Vs Spy 3: Arctic AnticsOCS 1989First StarWicked
OCS 1989FissionchipAddictive (Prism Leisure)
Miles Computing
Aquanaut (Addictive)OCS 1989FissionchipAddictive (Prism Leisure)
Miles Computing
Kristal, TheOCS 1989FissionchipAddictive (Prism Leisure)
Time ScannerOCS 1989Foursfield / Fours FieldActivision
ISS: Incredible Shrinking SphereOCS 1989Foursfield / Fours FieldElectric Dreams (Activision)
Star BreakerOCS 1989FramesARC [Atari UK]
HellraiderOCS 1989FramesARC [Atari UK]
PrinceOCS 1989FramesARC [Atari UK]
Swords Of TwilightOCS 1989Free FallElectronic Arts
Sex Vixens From SpaceOCS 1989Free SpiritFree Spirit
Bride Of The RobotOCS 1989Free SpiritFree Spirit
Planet Of LustOCS 1989Free SpiritFree Spirit
Chaos Strikes BackOCS 1989FTL [Software Heaven]FTL [Software Heaven]
Terry's Big AdventureOCS 1989GametecShades (Grandslam)
Computer Edition Of Scrabble, TheOCS 1989Gang Of Five, TheLeisure Genius (Virgin Mastertronic)
Bones BrigadeOCS 1989Genesis (Austria)Genesis (Austria)
RingsideOCS 1989Golden Gate Crew (GGC) [HL-Informatik]EAS Procovision
Microdeal [MichTron]
LeonardoOCS 1989Golden Gate Crew (GGC) [HL-Informatik]Starbyte
Circus AttractionsOCS 1989Golden GoblinsGolden Goblins (Rainbow Arts)
Track Suit Manager (Goliath)OCS 1989GoliathAgain Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Rainbow IslandsOCS 1989GraftgoldOcean
Femme Fatale Data Disk Volume 9OCS 1989Graphic ExpressionsGraphic Expressions
Femme FataleOCS 1989Graphic ExpressionsGraphic Expressions
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunOCS 1989Gray MatterMindscape
Footballer Of The Year 2OCS 1989GremlinGremlin
ProspectorOCS 1989Hidden TreasuresLogotron
Revenge Of DefenderOCS 1989Hidden TreasuresEpyx
Prospector In The Mazes Of XorOCS 1989Hidden TreasuresLogotron
Advanced Ski SimulatorOCS 1989Highlanders, TheCodemasters Gold (Codemasters)
Treasure Island DizzyOCS 1989Highlanders, TheCodemasters/Code Masters
Crazy ShotOCS 1989HitechLoriciel
Full Metal PlaneteOCS 1989HitechDraconian (Data East)
Personal NightmareOCS 1989Horrorsoft (Tynesoft)Horrorsoft (Tynesoft)
TankAttack (CDS)OCS 1989I GamesCDS [Nimrod Holdings]
Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!OCS 1989Icom SimulationsMindscape
Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Kit (SEUCK)OCS 1989IDSAvantage (Accolade)
Outlaw (Palace)
Dungeon QuestOCS 1989Image TechGainstar
Image Tech
PhobiaOCS 1989Image Works (Mirrorsoft)Image Works (Mirrorsoft)
Wonderboy In MonsterlandOCS 1989Images DesignActivision
Super Wonder Boy in Monster LandOCS 1989Images DesignActivision
Gemini WingOCS 1989ImagitecVirgin Mastertronic
NetherworldOCS 1989ImagitecHewson
Medalist (MicroProse)
Butcher HillOCS 1989ImagitecGremlin
Airborne RangerOCS 1989ImagitecMicroProse
U.S. Gold
Run The GauntletOCS 1989ImpactOcean
SteelOCS 1989ImperialHewson
Sir Fred: The LegendOCS 1989IncalUbi Soft
FredOCS 1989IncalUbi Soft
Balance Of Power: The 1990 EditionOCS 1989Incredible TechnologiesMindscape
Enigme A OxfordOCS 1989InférenceCoktel
Zork Zero: The Revenge Of MegabozOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
JourneyOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
Arthur: The Quest For ExcaliburOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
James Clavell's ShōgunOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
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