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publisher information
Publisher name Mirage Media
Long name Mirage Media, s.c.
Birth year 1988
Year of death 2000
Addresses Mirage Media,
Gen. Abrahama 4,
03-982 Warszawa,

Tel.: 671 77 77
Mother country Poland
Notes In 2000, part of the company merged with IPS C.G. to form Cenega Poland. The development section was renamed to Mirage Interactive. Formerly their website was: (site defunct as of July 2006).
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AtlantydaECS OCS
1994Twin Spark SoftMirage Media
Dan WilderECS OCS
1994TSAMirage Media
Franko: The Crazy Revenge!ECS OCS
1994World SoftwareMirage Media
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates Of InfinityECS OCS
1994SilmarilsMirage Media
JanosikECS OCS
1994Midnight Computer Games (Illusion Games)Mirage Media
Jurajski SenECS OCS
1994Midnight Computer Games (Illusion Games)Mirage Media
Last Soldier, TheECS OCS
1994WookiesoftMirage Media
Magiczna KsięgaECS OCS
1994Midnight Computer Games (Illusion Games)Mirage Media
PinomaniaECS OCS
1994Infinite DreamsMirage Media
RoosterECS OCS
1994TSAMirage Media
Speedway Manager 2ECS OCS
1994M-artMirage Media
Street HassleECS OCS
1994World SoftwareMirage Media
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