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RasterBikeOCS 1988EAS
RatcoOCS 1988WSOY PublishingWSOY Publishing
Alternate gamename
OCS 1988WSOY PublishingWSOY Publishing
Reach For The Stars: The Conquest Of The GalaxyOCS 1988SSGSSG
Real Ghostbusters, TheOCS 1988Activision
Realm Of The TrollsOCS 1988GO! (U.S. Gold)
Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Realm Of The WarlockOCS 1988Incognito
ReedereiOCS 1988Art Edition [United Software]
Reel Fish'nOCS 1988Interstel
Reise Zum Mittelpunkt Der ErdeOCS 1988ChipChip
U.S. Gold
Reisende Im WindOCS 1988Infogrames
Reisende Im Wind IIOCS 1988Infogrames
Return Of The JediOCS 1988Consult ComputersDomark
Return To AtlantisOCS 1988ISD (Electronic Arts)Electronic Arts
Return To EarthOCS 1988Fantastic SimulationsWolf
Return To GenesisOCS 1988Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Revenge IIOCS 1988Icon DesignMastertronic
Revenge Of Doom
Alternate gamename
OCS 1988CachetRainbow Arts (Softgold)
Revenge Of The Mutant Camels IIOCS 1988Icon DesignMastertronic
Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus GamesOCS 1988Box Office
Risk (Bernstein Zirkel)
OCS 1988Bernstein ZirkelBernstein Zirkel
Road BlastersOCS 1988ProbeU.S. Gold
Road RaiderOCS 1988Gray MatterMindscape
Road WarsOCS 1988Binary DesignArcadia (Mastertronic)
DRO Soft
Melbourne House
RoadwarsOCS 1988Binary DesignArcadia (Mastertronic)
DRO Soft
Melbourne House
RoadwarsCoin-Op - Arcadia 1988Walker Hodgson (WH)Arcadia (Mastertronic)
RobbearyOCS 1988Anco
Rock ChallengeOCS 1988Fighting ChanceReadySoft
Rocket RangerOCS 1988CinemawareCinemaware
Ubi Soft
RockfordOCS 1988Icon DesignArcadia (Mastertronic)
Melbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
RockfordCoin-Op - Arcadia 1988Arcadia (Mastertronic)
Rockford: The Arcade GameOCS 1988Icon DesignArcadia (Mastertronic)
Melbourne House (Virgin Mastertronic)
Romantic Encounters At The DomeOCS 1988MicroIllusions
Rommel At El Alamein: Battles For EgyptOCS 1988Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
Rotterdams KlaverjassenOCS 1988Courbois
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