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1990 Amiga Pak 1989 ECP
3 Flight Action Pack   
Action Pack (Action Sixteen) 1991 Action Sixteen (Digital Integration)
Action Pack (Ocean)   Ocean
Action Pack (Rainbow Arts) 1992 Rainbow Arts (Softgold)
Action Pack Vol. 1   Guildhall
Amiga 500 Deluxe 1990 Disc Company, The
Amiga Format Game Pack 2   Amiga Format [Future Publishing]
Amiga Format Game Pack 3  Amiga Format [Future Publishing]
Amiga Galactic PackECS OCS
Amiga Mega Pak 1988 Ozi Soft
Amiga Pak 1988 Ozi Soft
Amiga Power Pack 1987 Softgang
Amiga Race PackECS OCS
 Amiga Special (media GmbH)
Amiga Sport Pack, Das 1993Amiga Special (media GmbH)
Amiga Sports Pack   
Amiga Tri-Pak   ECP
Animation Classics Pack, The 1993 ReadySoft
Astra Pack 1991 Silica
Awesome Arcade Action Pack Volume 1OCS 1988 Arcadia (Mastertronic)
Blockbuster Pak   ECP
Brashs Super Games Pack (Lemmings / Nigel Mansell / Manchester United Europe)   Hotpoint / Hot Point
Brashs Super Games Pack (Zool / Pinball Dreams / Bill's Tomato Game) 1993 Hotpoint / Hot Point
Bumper Quad Pack, The   Again Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Diamond Amiga Pack    
Earth 2140: Mission Pack - Final ConflictAmigaCD AmigaPPC (WarpOS/PowerUp)
Pegasos-Sam460-AmigaPPC (MorphOS) RTG
2001Pagane.p.i.c. interactive / Epic Interactive
Gamesmen Mega-pack No. 2, The 1992  
Gamesmen Mega-pack No. 3, The 1992  
Gamesmen Megapack, The   Ozi Soft
Gold Fever Pack   Ozi Soft
Kids Pack    
Language Pack 1993 
Leader Board Dual Pack 1988 Access
Leisure Suit Larry: Triple Pack   Sierra
Lemmings Double Pack 1993DMAPsygnosis
Mega Pack 1988 Tynesoft
Mega Pack II 1988 Tynesoft
Memory (Power Pack)OCS   
Monster Pack Volume 1 1991Psygnosis
Monster Pack Volume 2ECS OCS
1991 Psygnosis
OziSoft Flight Simulation Pack   Ozi Soft
Power Pack   Ozi Soft
Power Pack, The 1991 Beau Jolly
Powerplay (Mega Games Pack)   Gordon Harwood
Quake: Resurrection PackAGA AmigaCD
Speed Pack  Prism Leisure
Sports Pack 1992 Prism Leisure
Star Pack   Prism Leisure
Strip Poker II Plus + Data Disk 1ECS OCS
1990 Top Shots/TopShots (Softgold)
Strip Poker II+ Bumper PackECS OCS
1990 Top Shots/TopShots (Softgold)
Super Games Pack   
Super Games PakCDTV 1991Odyssey
Super Games Pak 1990 Odyssey
Super Power Pack   Disc Company, The
Super Sim Pack 1991U.S. Gold
Super Sports Pack   Hotpoint / Hot Point
TenStar Pack 1989 Silica
Triple Power PackECS OCS
Turbo Pack 1993Golden Classics (Prism Leisure)
WolfpackECS OCS
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