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10 Intelligent Strategy Games[todo] DBS in 640x512
17 + 4 (OASE)[todo] New DBS
3 Action Simulations[todo] Box scan cut-off
Action Pack (Action Sixteen)[todo] Missing screenshot from OnSafari
Action Service[todo] back cover of box cut on left side
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Limited Edition Collector's Set[todo] scans cut-off and/or too dark
After Burner (Sega)[todo]: Replace with higher quality version.
After Burner II (Sega)[todo]: Replace with higher quality version.
[todo] Missing titlescreen
[todo] Missing titlescreen
Asterix And The Magic Carpet[todo] Missing title screen.
Astérix Chez Rahazade[todo] Missing title screen.
Asterix Im Morgenland[todo] Missing title screen.
[todo] DBS needs to be redone.
Basket Island
Unknown | Unreleased
[todo] Missing titlescreen
Battle Isle '93: The Moon Of Chromos[todo] scans very dark
Battle Isle: Scenario Disk 2 - The Moon Of Chromos[todo] scans very dark
Big Picture, The[todo] No titlescreen
Bionic Commando[todo] Publisher logo cut off on upper edge
Birdie Shoot[todo] missing titlescreen
Blitzkrieg[todo]no title screen
Blitzkrieg May 1940[todo]no title screen
BloodNet: A Cyberpunk Gothic[todo] Need to check the full credits for this game and the AGA version
Cannon Fodder[todo] Add disk conversion shots
Count-It[todo] still missing real title screen
Declic, Le[todo] no title screen
Diggers[todo] New DBS
Domark White Box Compilation[todo] Processed from a distorted digital camera photo, requires a better scan
Down At The Trolls[todo] Alternate DBS and HOL entry featuring different titlescreen for "Down at the Trolls"
DragonScape[todo] New DBS in 1280x512
[todo] Missing titlescreen
Erben Der Erde: Die Grosse Suche[todo] The Amiga release says "IBM-AT" on the front and "Amiga" on the side of the box
Extase[todo] larger scan required
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote[todo] Update DBS
Fremdsprachenrätsel Spanisch 1[todo] Titlescreen missing
Gettysburg[todo] Missing titlescreen?
Hirnriss[todo] No titlescreen.
Inherit The Earth[todo] The Amiga release says "IBM-AT" on the front and "Amiga" on the side of the box
Intelligent Strategy Games 10[todo] DBS in 640x512
Ivanhoe[todo] disk scan cut off
PD/Freeware | Unreleased
[todo] DBS in 640x512
JU52-Flight Simulator
PD/Freeware | Unreleased
[todo] DBS in 640x512
Knights And Merchants[todo] Missing title screen.
Leader Board Tournament[todo] Missing in-game screen
Leader Board Tournament Disk #1[todo] Missing in-game screen
Legends[todo] Centered DBS.
Magnetic Scrolls Collection Volume 1, The[todo] New DBS showing the enhanced Magnetic Windows versions of the adventures in this compilation (see boxscans)
Mau-Mau[todo] Titlescreen missing
Mission, The
[todo] missing in-game screenshot
[todo] No titlescreen
Nil Dieu Vivant[todo] In-game DBS screenshot needs replacing
Noddy's Wordblast[todo] Titlescreen missing
[todo] Missing titlescreen.
Othello Master[todo] Missing titlescreen?
Shareware | Prerelease
[todo] Missing titlescreen
PGA Tour Golf: Tournament Course Disk[todo] Redo DBS
Poker Solitaire (Computermate)[todo] screenshots from demo version
Push[todo] title screen missing OR no title screen
R.B.I. Two Baseball[todo] New DBS (not centered)
Realm Of The Trolls[todo] Alternate DBS and HOL entry featuring different titlescreen for "Down at the Trolls"
Rocket Ranger[todo] Missing title pic
Runaway Mike
Unknown | Unreleased
[todo] screens from demo version
Sarakon[todo] poorly cropped
SDI (Activision)[todo] blurry scans
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective[todo] Centered DBS.
Sim City Classic: The Original City Simulator[todo] Redo DBS to include Sim City Terrain Editor
Sim Classics: Maxis Collections I[todo] Redo DBS to include Sim City Terrain Editor
Sim Life[todo] New DBS
Software Tycoon[todo] Missing titlescreen
Star Fleet I: The War Begins![todo] New DBS in 640x512
Street Fighter[todo] Better version needed.
Super League Manager[todo] Redo DBS
Super Obliteration
[todo] New DBS
Super Skidmarks +[todo] DBS in 640x512
[todo] Titlescreen missing
Thunderbirds[todo] badly cropped
Top Gear 2[todo] Non-scaled DBS.
Trivial Pursuit[todo] Non-scaled DBS.
Trivial Pursuit: The CDTV Edition[todo] Non-scaled DBS.
UltraBall[todo] title screen missing
Umut Tarlalarý[todo] Missing in-game screen
USS John Young 2: A Realistic Warship Simulation[todo] Titlescreen probably incomplete
Wild Wheels[todo] badly cropped
Xenophobe[todo] scan too dark
[todo] Missing title screen
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