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Pandora - Double Barrel Screenshot
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1: Wait a few moments for amy to appear.

2: Take id amy and find the second officer. Pick up the lazer rifle from the table next to him.

3: Put lazer rifle into backpack-don’t use it yet.

4: Find the engineer, take his id and the sonic driver.

5: Find the lt commander, take his id and carry it.

6: Find the commander, take his id and carry it. Also take the code blue and code scarlet.

7: Find the captain, take his sdi disk and leave the id Lt.


8: Shoot the ice lord with the lazer rifle.

9: Carry the id engineer to go through the force field.

10: Find the awol officer and take his id.

11: Carry the sonic driver and head for the robomechanic.

12: Swap the sonic driver for the code ochre.

13: Carry the sdi disk and go to the sdi computer.

14: Give the sdi computer these items in the following order: SDI DISK, CODE SCARLET, CODE OCHRE AND CODE BLUE.

15: Carry the engineer’s id and exit the engineering section. Then swith to id awol.

16: Go the transporter and enter along the arrow.

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