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  Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands - Sprite screenshot
Rainbow Islands - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Collecting all of the gems in the correct order of colour (from left to right on the gem counter - RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, LIGHT BLUE, DARK BLUE, and MAUVE) not only awards you the life and Bonus Gem, it also grants you access to a magical secret room. When you reach the end of the level, a silver door appears. You don’t have to fight the Boss.

On the fifth island you’ll find a box in the secret room which you should collect. There’s also a gate with a ‘7’ on it, leading to island 7.

Even more useful is how to create any colour gem. The screen is split into several invisible vertical stripes of colour. When a gem falls, its colour is determined by the `colour’ of the area into which it fell. Now all you have to do is guage ca refully where the dead enemy will fall to create the gem color of your choice.

Type one of the following on the title screen, while the rainbow is cycling through colours:


“BLRBJSBJ”_____________________________Permanent fast shoes

“RJSBJSBR”________________________Permanent double rainbows

“SSSLLRRS”__________________________Permanent fast rainbows

“BJBJBJRS”___________________________________________Hint A

“LJLSLBLS”___________________________________________Hint B

“LBSJRLJL”_______________________Continue after island five

“RRLLBBJS”_______________All hidden food becomes money bags

“RRRRSBSJ”____________________Does both of the previous two

“SRBJSLSB”____________________Gives you 100 million counter

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