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Rock 'n Roll
Rock 'n Roll - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Type “RAINBOW ARTS” for your name.


‘F3’__________________________to get 1 extra pickaxe.

‘F4’_________________________to get 1 extra speed up.

‘F5’___________________________________to get spikes.

‘F6’______________________________to get some armour.

‘F7’_____________________________to get 1 extra bomb.

‘F8’________________________to get 1 extra parachute.

‘F9’_________________to get an increase in map depth.

‘F10’________________________to go to the next level.

To warp level enter the following: (level number), xx, four digits when added together equal the level number, xx, and the level number backwards. example for warping to level 12: “12 xx 3333 xx 21”. To hear the soundtrack, type “COUNTRY”. Find the special hole on level 1. It’s surounded by 3 left pointing arrows. Fall down the hole and press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. This will warp you to level 33.

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