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Seven Gates Of Jambala, The
Seven Gates Of Jambala, The - Double Barrel Screenshot
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On the titlescreen, after the dwarf jumps, type the following phrase without quotation marks:

- “YICKE YACKE H[HNERKACKE!” (if using English QWERTY keyboards)


- "ZICKE ZACKE HÜHNERKACKE!" (for German QWERTZ keyboards)

Please note that the spaces in between words may not be required, and that the exclamation mark at the end of the phrase must be typed by holding down the left SHIFT key and pressing "1" on the main keyboard (holding down the right SHIFT key or pressing "1" on the numeric keyboard will not work!).

If the phrase has been entered correctly, the titlescreen should turn blue. During play use any of the following keys to activate various cheats:

‘1’-‘7’_______________Jump to corresponding level

‘F1’-‘F5’__________________________Select weapons

‘F6’__________________________Travel bubble


‘F8’__________________________Level skip

‘F9’________________________________High jump

‘G’________________________________Gives you gold

[UNDO]__________________________Deactivates cheat mode

[Source: The Thalion Source]

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