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Street Fighter
Street Fighter - Double Barrel Screenshot
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40 Screenshots

Japan: Ryu vs Retsu

Ryu wins!

Japan: Ryu vs Geki

Now you see Geki, now you don't....

Disappearing is not Geki's only trick. He's got a shuriken or two up his sleeve too....

USA: Ryu vs Joe

Words of wisdom from a fallen opponent?! What a cry baby....

USA: Ryu vs Mike

Bonus Stage - those poor tiles never stood a chance!!!

UK: Ryu vs Birdie

Birdie using his head - streetfighting UK style!

UK: Ryu vs Eagle

Ouch! Those nunchucks can pack a wallop!

China: Ryu vs Lee

Let's rumble Lee!

China: Ryu vs Gen

This guy thinks he's Mr Myagi! Wax on, wax off!!!

Thailand: Ryu vs Adon

A flying kick to the head....that has to hurt!

Adon gives Ryu a little payback....

Thailand: Ryu vs Sagat

Great balls of fire!

Take that ya big beanpole!!!

Words of wisdom from ultimate tough guy Sagat!

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