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DarkSpyre - Double Barrel Screenshot
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To enable the cheat mode you will need to enter two sets of codes on the
manual protection screen. I will use R# to represent the row number and I#
to represent the icon/image number. There are 2 rows with 12 icons each.

Code Set #1 - R2/I3, R1/I1, R2/I1, R1/I11
Code Set #2 - R1/I8, R2/I10 R2/I7, R2/I3

Once entered you will be presented with the character select screen as you
normally would after entering the correct manual protection code. Use the
following keys durring play.

F9 - Save game (normally you need to invoke the "radio" rune)
9 - Change character
0 - Allows you to toggle the ability to walk through walls
(the screen will flash)
O - ?
V - ?
M - Map screen
N - Wipeout all enemies
B - Increase your mastery of Weapons and Magic by one
(Press multiple times to master all)
C - Replenish Energy/Cure Poison
X - Skip level


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