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Baal - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Get a high score about 1000 points and die. Now enter “LOVEBUNDLE” for your name on the high score table. After you press ‘RETURN’ a Message will apear letting you know the cheat mode is activated. Now press ‘RETURN’ again and delete a letter from the word “LOVEBUNDLE” and press ‘RETURN’ again. Next press ‘SPACE’ to restart the game. When the game starts press ‘P’ to pause the game. Now press ‘F10’ (do not hold it) and enter the following sequence:


Once you press the last ‘E’ the game will start to load. You will now appear on level 2 with infinite lives and all the weapons. If the game unpauses while you are typing the last sequence in pause the game and retype it. The dash is on the main keyboard. If you pause the game, press ‘F10’ and type it again you will go to level 3.

Coordinates of all the jetpack platforms, these are in the order in which you have to take to finish the game.

LEVEL 1: 31/16, 02/25, 52/30, 51/00, 24/38, 62/13, 02/50, 64/49



LEVEL 2: 34/30, 54/12. 16/12, 00/24, 03/34, 30/47, 54/12

LEVEL 3: No jetpacks on this level.

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