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XTreme Racing Data Disks
alias XTreme Racing v2.0
XTreme Racing Data Disks - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 5 reviews 3 manuals Cheatcode 2 weblinks
18 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan Miscshot Conversion Gamemap
Year of the first release1996LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)2PublisherBlack Magic - Worldwide
Guildhall - Worldwide
Number max of players8Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players8DeveloperSilltunna
ArtistsCoder : Alex Amsel (Sillytuna)
Coder : Juergen Fischer
Coder : Mark Fitt
Coder : Peter McGavin
Graphician : Andrew Cashmore (Andy Cashmore)
Graphician : Nigel Critten
Graphician : Richard Whittall
Musician : Bullfrog
Musician : Mark Fitt
Musician : Simon Speight
Musician : Tony Farrell
Misc : Alex Amsel (Sillytuna)
Misc : Richard Whittall
Misc : Thomas Schwarz
Language in manual
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2012-09-08 13:03:28
HD installyesHD notes- HD installer is contained on the first data disk.
- Installation requires approx. 0.5-1.5Mb HD space (depending on whether a full install is performed or not).
SubcategoryRacing - Competitive
Dimension3D (Texturemap)
QuickmatchMario Kart
ScrolltypeInto Screen
ThemeTransport - Car
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes
Classic compilationAmiga Arena - Games Edition 2002
Relationshipis a data disk for XTreme Racing
Page views: 4270 - Last update: 26th October 2013
Rarity: Rare RareRareRare
Notes:   [1] Game design by Alex Amsel and Richard Whittall.
Code & 3D programming by Alex Amsel; additional code & game editor coding by Mark Fitt; chunky-to-planar (c2p) routine assistance provided by Peter McGavin and Juergen Fischer.
Graphics & track design by Richard Whittall; additional gfx by Andrew Cashmore; title rendering by Nigel Critten.
Music by Simon Speight and Tony Farrell; samples by Mark Fitt and Bullfrog Productions (taken from the Magic Carpet soundtrack).
Compression routines by Thomas Schwarz.

[2] Min. Requirements: AGA Amiga, 2Mb ram
Recommended: HD, fastram, 68020 accelerator or better

NOTE: Users with only 2Mb ram may find that the game doesn't work due to insufficient memory. If so, select 'boot with no startup-sequence' from the early startup menu (hold down both buttons on a mouse plugged into joy port 2 while booting machine). From the CLI prompt type:

CD < directory > [where < directory > is the location of the XTR directory]

[3] Manufactured and distributed by Guildhall Leisure.

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