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SuperTed: The Search For Spot
SuperTed: The Search For Spot - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information Review 1 manual Cheatcode 1 weblink
16 screenshots Boxscan Diskscan Miscshot Conversion 6 gamemaps
Year of the first release2014LicensePD/Freeware
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherMikael Persson (Hipoonios) - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperUnknown
ArtistsCoder : Mikael Persson (Hipoonios)
Graphician : Adrian Carless (Ade Carliss)
Graphician : Chris Sorrell
Graphician : Daniel Hochard (Imagex)
Graphician : Gary Timmons
Graphician : Leavon Archer
Graphician : Mikael Persson (Hipoonios)
Graphician : Scott Johnston
Musician : Brian Johnston
Musician : James Lanteigne [The (Music) MiXER/Crude]
Musician : José Antonio Martín Tello (José A. Martin)
Musician : Mikael Persson (Hipoonios)
Musician : Oliver Weirich
Musician : Richard Harris (Foxx/Freelance)
Musician : Simon Carless (Hollywood/Axis^Lunatics^EOC 1999)
Musician : Tim Bartlett
Musician : Timothy Brian Wright
Misc : Mikael Persson (Hipoonios)
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeyes
Have SPS releaseno
WHD installnoWHD information
HD installyesHD notes

- Simply unpack SUPERTED (HD version) to a game folder on HD and copy all libraries to SYS:libs.

- Approx. 720k HD space is required for installation.

SubcategoryShooter - Shoot 'Em Up
QuickmatchCoding - Backbone
QuickmatchGame Controller - Joypad (not CD32-specific)
ScrolltypeScrolling - Horizontal
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes

N.B. Not to be confused with the 1990 commercial release of SUPERTED: THE SEARCH FOR SPOT by Enigma Variations/Alternative.

Classic compilation
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Rarity: Common as mud Common as mud

[1] Game based on the 1980s Welsh animated TV series produced by Siriol Animation (and later Hanna-Barbera also) in association with Sianel 4 Cymru (S4C) and headed up by Mike Young, who originally created the "SuperTed" children's books.

[2] Game written using Backbone. Game design & coding by Mikael Persson (Hipoonios).

Graphics, arrangement & conversion by Mikael Persson (Hipoonios); original graphics by Ade Carliss (ripped from ZOOL); Gary Timmons and Scott Johnston (ripped from LEMMINGS); Chris Sorrell and Leavon Archer (ripped from JAMES POND 2); and Imagex (ripped from BABY JO); cutscene graphics ripped/converted from SuperTed animated TV series.

Sound arrangement/conversion by Mikael Persson (Hipoonios); original music/sound FX by Brian Johnston and Timothy Brian Wright (from LEMMINGS); Tim Bartlett (from KID GLOVES II); José Antonio Herrán Martin (from RISKY WOODS); James Lanteigne (The MiXER) (Lemmings2.mod); Richard Harris (Foxx) (aqua.mod); Oliver Weirich (catch'em.07.mod); and Simon Carless (Hollywood) (intentional.mod).

[3] Min. Requirements: any Amiga with at least 2MB fastram.
Recommended: 68030 CPU or better, 2MB fastram or more.

[4] Game features joystick/joypad/keyboard support and a quit back to WB option.

[5] The SUPERTED webpage (including download links) was taken down as a precaution in January 2015 after coder Mikael Persson (Hipoonios) was sent a cease and desist letter by Swiss lawyers regarding his other PD game SMURF RESCUE, which demanded compensation for infringement of intellectual property (see EAB thread HERE).

[6] ***SUPERTED (full PD release)*** is available for download from these sources:

SUPERTED (HD version) (dir: game/shoot/SuperTed.lha) [Source: Aminet]
SUPERTED (ADF disk version) [Source: EAB FTP site]
SUPERTED (ADF disk version) [Source: EAB FTP mirror site]
SUPERTED (ADF disk version) [Source: Internet Archive]

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