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James Pond 3: Operation Starfi5h
James Pond 3: Operation Starfi5h - Double Barrel Screenshot
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105 Game maps
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Garden of Edam

Camonbert Canyon

Roquefort Ridge

Gorgonzola Gorge

Caerphilly Steppes

Caerphilly Down

Outer He-Brie-Dees

The Chunnel

Cheddar Chasm

East of Edam

Parmesan Plains

Grater Gruyere

Gouda Gully

Hot Custard Springs

Dessert Desert

Bubbling Plains


Custard Craters

The Lumpville Lurker

Banana Basin

Hidden Cheese Silo

Rennet Mine 1

Rennet Mine 2

Mozzarella Over-Mine

More Murky Moors

Murky Moors

Lair of the Mush-Beast

Rottington Ridge

Nether Slimeswold


Lower Slimeswold

Slimeswold Under Cheese

Curdle Mine

Lower Gloopy

Toadstool Point

Slimey Knoll

Gloopy Henge

Poltergeist Valley

Limburger Reach

Bilgington Barrows

Dripping Downs

Eastern Cheddar-Hoard

Nibbleston Fell

Cheese Silo

Nibbleston Quarry

Subterranean Stiltonium

Little Pimple

The Fungal Jungle

Fruit Falls

Mushy Marsh

Greater Pimple



Pi-Rat Harbour


Cherry Cascade

The Arran Archipelago

Citrus Rapids

Fruitassic Park



Lower Curdleburg

Buttercup Ridge

Buttercup Plains

Little Curdlington

Upper Curdlington

Lake Butterfingers

Spooky Butter

Butterscotch Glen

Lower Whey

Curdlington on the Whey

Wendsleydale Wastelands

The Floating Folly

Parmesan Peaks

Roquefort Peninsula

The Feta Flatlands

The Crystal Run

Crystal Corridors

Killer Chasm

Crystalline Cheese Chunks

The Lost Caves

Parmesan Plateau

Blue Moon Dunes

The Munster Moors

Blue Forest Plateau

Blue Cheese Badlands

The Prussian Precipice

The Fungi Strikes Back

Glace Glacier

Sorbet on Sea


Double Scoopington

Triple Scoopington

The Peppermint Pinnacles

Land of the Giants

The Melting Downs


Slippery slopes

Neopolitan Peninsula

Bovine Aerial Assault

Deadend Caves

Crystalline Cuttings

Splinter Pit

The Mocha Mountains

Penguin Hideout

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