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Jewels Of Darkness
Jewels Of Darkness - Double Barrel Screenshot
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This is a compilation with 3 gamesAdventure Quest
Colossal Adventure
Dungeon Adventure
Year of the first release1986LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherFirebird [Telecomsoft] - USA
Rainbird [Telecomsoft] - Rest of the World
Budget publisher
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Rarity: Rare RareRareRare

[1] Originally conceived in 1983 by Level 9 as the Middle-Earth Trilogy, the standalone 8-bit releases of COLOSSAL ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE QUEST and DUNGEON ADVENTURE were enhanced and published in this renamed compilation JEWELS OF DARKNESS (albeit with references to Tolkien changed or removed, reportedly, for legal reasons).

[2] JEWELS OF DARKNESS enhances the original text-only incarnations released for 8-bit platforms by adding graphics, more extensive text descriptions, an extended parser that understands many more commands and other user-friendly features (e.g. a quit back to WB option, multitasking that allows simultaneous play of all three adventures with 512k ram or more).

[3] Game adventures must be launched from WB via a selection menu.

[4] Game manual contains a 64 page novella, 'The Darkness Rises', written by Peter McBride (see HERE).

[5] The JEWELS OF DARKNESS compilation was also released for the following platforms:

- Amstrad CPC
- Amstrad PC1512
- Amstrad PCW
- Apple II
- Apple Macintosh
- Atari 800/XL/XE
- Atari ST
- C64/128
- MSX (64k)
- PC (DOS): 40/80-column text mode, Hercules, CGA
- Sinclair QL
- Spectrum 48k
- Spectrum 128k

[6] Despite loading instructions appearing in the manual, the planned Sinclair QL conversion was seemingly never released.

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