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Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards
Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Hold down ‘ALT’ and ‘X’ keys to get past proof of age. Hold down ‘ALT’ and ‘D’. It will ask for a location number. Enter a number form 008-045 (must be a three digit number).


This solve didn’t get all the points, but it finishes the game. my additions are in capitals (score 215 of 222)


The first step is to enter the bar, go to the bathroom and read the walls several times until you get the password. Then go to the sink and get the ring. You can (must!) use the toilet if you want. Go to the bar and buy a whiskey. Go to the drunk next to the bathroom wall and (kick him to wake him) give him the whiskey and he’ll give you the remote control. Get the rose too. Go back into the bar and knock on the big door.. when he asks you for the password.. tell him “KEN SENT ME”, then enter. Turn on the T.V. with the remote. Keep changing channels until you find a channel he likes.. he’ll move from the stairs. Climb up and voila! The prostitute: Don’t hop into bed with her until you get the rubber. You just need the candy on the bench. Get it. go out the window, and go to the fire-escape ladder. You’ll fall into a dumpster. Search it and get the hammer.

Exit the dumpster and go left. Call a cab at the street.


Now go to the casino and go through the lobby. Get the card in the ashtray. Now gamble a bit until you have about 250 dollars. Go outside. Sometime in the game when outside the casino, a guy in a barrel will come up and ask you to buy an apple. Buy it. Call the cab.. tell him to go to the store. enter the store and buy a

rubber. Also get the (magazine and) cheap wine in the back.

(never enter the cab with the wine.. the cabbie will get drunk and kill you) pay for the wine and exit.. Wait for the russian looking guy to come from the left. (Ignore the dog) When he comes, give him the wine.. not money. (Look at phone dial number, answer the

questions) Once you have the knife go right and show the pass to the bouncer at the disco door. Go in and sit down at the table with the lady. Smile and give her the ring, the candy, and the rose.

Ask her to dance. When you finish off with the dancing ask her to marry you. She’ll ask you for $100. Give it to her and meet her at the marrage chapel. It’s east of the casino front. Enter and go up to the front. Type “MARRY”, and you’ll get married. Go up to the honeymoon suite. (fourth floor, door with the heart, push four).

Knock, and enter. She’ll be on the bed, and {NOT IN THE MOOD!?!}

Turn on the radio and listen to it. You’ll get a number to call to get the wine delivered that she wants. Go to the casino and get some taxi fare money. Go to the phone in front of the store,

(answer the phone if it rings) call the number and have them

deliver it to the {HONEYMOON SUITE}. If they say it probably won’t show up, you screwed up on the typing. Go back to the casino and go to the suite. Be sure that you have the knife. Enter and pour the wine. Things will take they’re course and you’ll find yourself tied to the bed. (THE BITCH!) Use the knife and free yourself. Get the rope and leave. Go to the casino again and using some saving, use the dollar and get about $50. (go to cabaret. find a seat and sitdown. listen to act.) Once you have it, go to the bar and knock on the door again. Go up the stairs and screw her now that you have the rubber. Remove the rubber after you’ve used it. Go out the window and this time go to the right of the balcony. Tie the rope to yourself and tie it to the railing. Type “GO WINDOW” or (reach out) something so your hanging in front of the window on the right.

Break the glass with the hammer. Get the pills. Pull on the rope and untie yourself. Go down the fire escape and call a cab again.

Go to the casino and go to the eighth floor. Talk to the lady at the desk until the game tells you that you’ll need some medicine or something. Give her the pills. She’ll run off and leave the desk unguarded. Push the button and enter the open doors on the right.

Enter and go up and right. When you’re in the room with the bed, open the closet door. Enter it and type, “LOOK”. Get the doll…

(look at doll. inflate doll. look at doll. use doll.) then wait as you run after it. When you’re near the hottub, (remove clothes) enter it. Look at the lady. smile, and give her the apple. Things will then run they’re course, and voila!

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