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These guides will explain you how to use the HOL, and also how to help us in order to
complete the database, take good screenshots, find missing infos, become a contributor.
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Advanced Searching
The default HOL front page shows a set of basic search options. The first four options are selected by pressing the magnifying glass icon to the right of each field. Make a selection from the pop-up window that appears. The options are:
  • Publisher is... e.g. Ocean, Team 17
  • Budget publisher is... e.g. Kixx, The Hit Squad
  • Artist is... e.g. Geoff Crammond, Matthias Steinwachs
  • Classic compilation is... e.g. 10 Great Games, Fantastic Worlds
It is possible to filter the lists in the pop-up windows. Use the text box and press the Filter button.

Other options are selected through drop-down lists:
  • Category is... e.g. Shoot-'em-up, Platform
  • Language is... e.g. German, French
  • Hardware is... e.g. ECS, CD32
  • Simultaneous players is... e.g. 2, 4
  • Cheatcode available... e.g. yes/no
  • WHD install... e.g. yes/no
  • Have SPS release.. e.g. yes/no
The different options can be combined to create custom searches - for example, all shoot-'em-ups published by Team 17. Text in the normal search box at the top of the screen will also be included in the combination. Once the Search button is clicked the results are returned.

Note that the selected combination of options is displayed at the top of the results list. Click the red X to remove and option and expand the search.

The [+] link to the right of the 'Basic search options' heading is used to open the 'Advanced search options' section. Use the [-] link to go back to the basic set. The expanded set adds the following options:
  • Developer is... e.g. Graftgold, The Bitmap Brothers
  • Scene compact is... e.g. Alpha Flight etc.
  • Conversion hardware is... e.g. Acorn Archimedes
  • License is... e.g. commercial
  • Country of release is... Germany
  • Is amiga original... e.g. yes/no
  • Year released is... e.g. 1990
  • Nb of disks (or CD) is... e.g. 2
  • Nb max of players is... e.g. 4
  • Magazine review... (not implemented)
  • HD install... e.g. yes/no
  • Game unreleased... e.g. yes/no
  • Is a compilation... e.g. yes/no
  • Have DBS... e.g. yes/no
  • Have screenshot... e.g. yes/no
  • Have boxscan... e.g. yes/no
  • Have diskscan... e.g. yes/no
  • Have gamemap... e.g. yes/no
  • Have miscshot... e.g. yes/no
  • Have conversion shot... e.g. yes/no
  • Have LemonAmiga links... e.g. yes/no
  • etc...

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