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These guides will explain you how to use the HOL, and also how to help us in order to
complete the database, take good screenshots, find missing infos, become a contributor.
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The HOL is a large project and depends on contributors to continue to grow.
Contributions can be uploaded to the following FTP site:

User: hol
Password: incoming

Please get in touch with the team if you upload so that we may get in touch if there are queries and credit your contribution. The contact page includes an email form and the team can be individually contacted on the English Amiga Board.

The following types of contributions are most helpful:
screenshot .png width=320, height=256
boxscan .jpg width=1024, no height limit
diskscan .jpg width=640, no height limit
gamemap .png no limit
miscshot .jpg no limit
conversionshot .png no limit

Screenshots should be saved as PNGs. The general rule is; the more, the better. A varied game may have up to 40 screenshots showing sections throughout a game.

Box, disk and miscellaneous scans
These should be scanned at 300 dpi and saved as JPEGs with compression of about 15%.

The HOL team will straighten, crop and resize box scans to 1024 x * before uploading to the database. Some contributors do this before sending scans. The front and back of boxes should be scanned but not the sides.

Floppy disk and CD-ROM scans are stored at a size of 640 x *. If a game comes on multiple disks only one is usually required unless other disks show useful information.

The types of items in the miscellaneous section varies but these can be manuals, posters, maps, registration cards, stickers, tapes or anything else included in a game box.

If you have found incorrect or missing data please inform the team via the contact form, or on the HOL forum on the EAB.

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