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Data Accuracy
The HOL team takes data accuracy seriously but there will inevitably be errors in the database.
Please contact the team if you believe that you have discovered a mistake.

It's worth noting that there are some 'data accuracy red herrings' - cases where data appears to be erroneous or missing but may be correct. The following examples demonstrate some of these:

1. First Date
    Copyright dates do not necessarily reflect the year of release.
    Years in games are usually there to mark the date of creation for copyright reasons. In the case of conversions from other machines to the Amiga the copyright year will often reflect the original version of the game.

    The Rainbow Islands Amiga titlescreen says "(c) Taito Corporation 1987" but the Amiga version was released in 1989.

2. I Was Converted
    Companies mentioned in Amiga games may not be directly involved in the Amiga version.
    If the Amiga version is a conversion then the companies or people involved in the original game will usually be mentioned in some form and may have their logo or name displayed without having actively participating in the Amiga development.

    The Dreamer's Guild and New World Computing were responsible for the PC version of Erben Der Erde whilst ReaLogic and Softgold released the Amiga conversion. The Amiga release retains logos of the PC companies.

3. Licence To Play
    Where a game is based on a licence (films, TV, board games, comic books etc.) the owner of that licence may be referenced but not otherwise involved in the Amiga game.

    The Escape From Colditz Amiga titlescreen references Gibsons Games who are the manufacturer of the boardgame on which the game is based and not the developer.

4. Curiouser and Curiouser
    Odd situations do occur.

    Ghosts 'n Goblins was released on the Amiga after its sequel Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

5. Absent Without Leave
    Rumours are rife about games which probably should have been released for the Amiga but weren't.

    Eye Of The Beholder 3

6. Spellbound
    If a commercial game or company does not appear to be in the HOL check spelling.

    'Arctic Fox', not 'Artic Fox'.
    'Millennium', not 'Millenium' (although the US release of Millennium 2.2 mispells its own name).

7. Most definitely
    In names definite and indefinite articles ('a', 'the' etc.) are written after the name. Omit them for best results in searches.

    'Mind Forever Voyaging, A', not 'A Mind Forever Voyaging'

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