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These guides will explain you how to use the HOL, and also how to help us in order to
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Developer and Publisher Pages
These pages can be reached by clicking on a developer or publisher name in game pages and search results.

Company logos are displayed if available.

The following information may be present on the developer and publisher pages:
  • Short name - a shortened name used in game pages
  • Full name - the full name e.g. Elite Systems Ltd.
  • Website - a web link, if it exists
  • Year of birth - the year of founding, if a company
  • Address - Known addresses (past and present)
  • Notes - Miscellaneous information or history
  • Home country - the country of founding
  • Also known as - links to other entries, usually to record name changes
  • Labels - lists of brand names
  • Sub-company - lists of divisions owned by a company
  • Main-company - a link back to the parent company for labels and sub-companies
The following formats are used for labels and sub-companies:
  • Round brackets - Label (Parent) e.g. Kixx (U.S. Gold)
  • Square brackets - Sub-company (Parent) e.g. Incentive [New Dimension Int'l]
A list of the developer or publisher's games is included on the page.

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