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Game Pages
Each game in the HOL has its own unique ID, game page and set of screenshots. The game page is the central source for information about a game.

Releases of the same game on different types of Amiga hardware are considered to be separate. For example, Zool ECS, Zool AGA and Zool CD32 all have their own game pages. However, as these pages are linked to each other it should be clear from the Zool ECS page that AGA and CD32 versions also exist. The linked pages are listed below the game name e.g. 'AGA CD32 ECS', with the current entry highlighted.

The first element of a game page is the game name or names. Most games have one name but multiple names may be listed. Hidden names may also be attached to an entry e.g. variations intended to aid searches. Where a name was only used in pre-release versions it is noted in square brackets.

Where a game exists under a different name (usually with a different titlescreen too) it will have a separate entry. These AKA (Also Known As) links are displayed next. For example, in the Legend (Mindscape) entry click the AKA link to go to the Four Crystals Of Trazere entry.

Below the name is a list of hardware that the game was released on. Links are also included to entries of games released for different hardware. For example, the ECS entry for a game may be linked to an AGA version of the same game.

In some entries an informational banner will be displayed. This may display one of the following banners:
  • Game Unreleased
  • Open Source Conversion
  • Interpreted
A Double-Barrel Screenshot (DBS) is usually included next in each game entry. A DBS is a PNG format file in a standard size of 640 x 256. The left-hand side of the DBS is shows the titlescreen and the right-hand side shows an in-game screen. The in-game screen of the DBS demonstrates the gameplay of the game and will not normally show loading, menu or game over graphics.

The next section displayed depends on the tab selected from the following list:
  • Information (default)
  • Screenshot
  • Boxscan
  • Diskscan
  • Gamemap
  • Miscshot
  • Conversion
  • Cheatcode

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