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These guides will explain you how to use the HOL, and also how to help us in order to
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Quick Searches
The simplest way to search for a game is to use the search box at the top of every page. A list of games is always returned but the search has been performed on the following four game elements:
  • Name - the name of the game e.g. Lemmings, Stardust
  • Artist - the people that worked on the game e.g. Paul Woakes, Archer Maclean
  • Developer - the company or team that created the game e.g. Graftgold, Team 17
  • Publisher - the company that published the game e.g. Ocean, Electronic Arts
A summary of the results of these four searches is displayed along the top of the page with the default list of game name matches below. Click the links in the summary bar to see the other matches. For example, a link labelled '8 Artists' means that eight artists match the search query and clicking it will list games on which these eight artists worked.

Alternatively select the drop-down list to the right of each link to see a list of game names, artists, developers and publishers that match the query.

A count is displayed at the top of each list. '1 - 100 / 201' means that the first 100 of 201 results are displayed. The maximum number returned per page is 100. Arrows at the top and bottom of each list allow navigation through lists of more than 100 results.

Alphabetical shortcuts may be used to filter out results that start with a certain letter. Note that these alphabetical links filter on the current set of results.

Search hints...
  • The search engine pattern matches, so it is not necessary to include the full name of a game. Searching on 'Turr' will list all games with these letters in the name e.g.Turrican, Turrican 2, Turrican 2 CDTV, Turrican 3.
  • The star character (*) can be used as a wildcard and represents any number of characters (including zero).
  • The search is case insensitive.
  • If a search returns no result, try searching again for part of the name. Where the game name is made up of several words try with and without spaces.
  • Definite and indefintite articles ('the', 'a' etc.) are listed at the end of a name e.g. search for 'Grail, The' instead of 'The Grail'

  • Search text = Sam*ai -> any games which include the letters 'sam' and 'ai', with anything in between e.g. First Samurai, Second Samurai
  • Search text = ring -> any games which include the letters 'ring' e.g. Lord Of The Rings, Death Bringer, Ringside Boxing
  • Search text = [BLANK] -> all entries listed

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