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These guides will explain you how to use the HOL, and also how to help us in order to
complete the database, take good screenshots, find missing infos, become a contributor.
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> Thanks To

Thanks To
As a project the HOL owes thanks to many individuals:
  • All the contributors that have helped expand the HOL with extra box scans, screenshots, data fixes and other help.
  • The programmers of UAE, WinUAE, Fellow and WinFellow - especially to Toni Wilen who has fixed WinUAE to allow non-working games to run and screenshots to be grabbed.
  • The WHDLoad team for removing some of the annoying features of Amiga games and allowing them to be run from hard disk.
  • The SPS team for preserving the Amiga games that are referenced in the HOL.
  • Thanks to Retrospec for their brilliant GFXRipper tool which is used in the creation of the game maps.

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